Andaman Trip Cost : How to Plan A Cheap Andaman Tour Package?

So you are wondering how much a trip to Andaman islands would cost?

The Andaman group of islands is situated about 1520 km from mainland India. This beautiful tropical escape is popular among all types of travelers, groups, honeymoon couples,and families.

The island Islands is blessed with white sandy beaches, rich history, and lush tropical rainforest. However, the remote location of the Andaman islands and the topography makes it very complicated for travelers to plan their trip to Andaman.

Most of the islands popular among tourists are located far from Port Blair (the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands), and there is minimal internet and mobile network connectivity.

You will need to manage a lot of things while you are planning your Andaman trip, like choosing the right hotel, arranging transport in different islands, and booking local ferry and sightseeing tickets.


It will be challenging to plan your Andaman trip without proper knowledge of the islands and understanding the minute details like timings of boats and ferries etc.

Most people choose to avoid this cumbersome task of planning and arranging everything for their Andaman trip and select a tour operator based in the Andaman Islands.

Tour operators in Andaman offer different types of tour packages, and they vary a great deal in price. Everyone is looking for something different and has different ideas about how they want to spend their Andaman trip.

In this article, we will talk in detail about what to expect on your Andaman trip.

What are the factors that will affect your Andaman Tour package cost and how to plan your trip in such a way that you enjoy the beauty of Andaman, while not spending on things which you might not enjoy.

So let’s get started!

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Here is a list of a few of our packages so that you get the basic idea about the approximate cost of an Andaman tour package.

Popular Andaman tour Packages Cost:

Andaman tour PackagesNo. of DaysPrice (per Person)Details
Andaman Bliss4Nights 5DaysRs 7,890/-VIEW 
Experience Andamans5 Nights 6Days Rs 9,800/-VIEW 
Andaman Honeymoon package4Days and 5NightRs 11,200/-VIEW 
Andaman Adventure3Days 4NightsRs 7,800/-VIEW 
Delightful Andaman4days 5 days Rs 9,900/-VIEW 
Exotic Andaman (Luxury)5Days 6NightsRs 15,500/-VIEW 

Andaman Tour package cost what to expect? 

The cost of your Andaman tour package for two people could range from anywhere between Rs 10000 per person to Rs 50000 per person. You might be wondering why this huge variation in cost!

The cost of your Andaman package is calculated based on the place you visit, the hotel you choose, and the number of persons traveling. We would discuss this in-depth in the next section, but here I would like to give you an example:

If you are a family of 5 people visiting for a 5-day trip, your per-person cost would be less than a couple on the same tour package. This is because the family will be sharing a vehicle where the cost is split between 5 people.

This was one of the many reasons which could affect your Andaman tour package cost.


We at Tropical Andamans have served thousands of customers over that last seven years and understand what each type of traveler could be interested in. We will help you customize your trip in such a way that you don’t waste your money and get the best value.

Why our tour packages cost is less than competitors?

We guarantee that our tour package cost is much lower than our competitor’s. Now, you could ask how we manage such low cost on our tour packages? Well, I would like to list out a few points which make booking your Andaman tour package with us the cheapest –

We are a 7-year-old company based out of Port Blair, which is the capital of the Andaman Islands.This means we understand the islands very well and have a good team on the ground, unlike many tour package providers who are based in mainland India and depend on local vendors to take care of their guests. Our strong local presence helps us to provide your Andaman tour package at minimum cost.

We being a local company, have prebooked inventory at many of the top hotels in Andamans. This helps us to get rooms at rates that are much lower than what you would get directly or through online booking sites. Our ability to procure hotel rooms at much lower prices plays a significant role in keeping our tour package price low.

We have a fleet of 20 brand new vehicles that are managed very efficiently by our operations team and able drivers. Owning our vehicle fleet gives us the flexibility to keep the package cost low while not compromising on the quality of our service

Choose from our range on Andaman Tour package options We provide a wide range of Andaman tour packages categorized into various sections based on your budget.

Browse through the different budget packages below

As we have mentioned earlier, the Andaman tour packages cost is dependent on a variety of factors, and you will need to understand them to choose the Andaman tour package that is best suited for your needs.

Let us discuss how to calculate your Andaman trip cost in detail:


Airfares make a significant portion of your Andaman trip cost. Most of the travel agents offer only land packages and do not provide air ticketing services.

We at tropical Andamans have an air ticketing desk only for customers who book group packages. Though we provide flight ticketing services at request but encourage our customers to book online by themselves.

If you are planning to visit Andaman during Peak season the fares from major cities in India could range from Rs 7000 to Rs 15000 per person.we We suggest you book your air tickets early to get reasonable rates.

If you plan to travel during the off-peak season, the flight rates are constant at about Rs 5000 per person.

So Book you ait tickets at least two months in advance if traveling in peak season.

Hotel selection for your Andaman trip

Hotels and resort stay costs make up about 30-50% of your total package cost. If you plan your hotel choices at port Blair, havelock, and Niel island wisely, you will end up saving a lot on your package cost.


You should decide your hotel depending on what type of traveler you areFor couples, we always suggest booking a premium beach resort in havelock, and you can go with a standard 3-star hotel in port Blair as port Blair has more sightseeing places, and you will hardly be in your hotel room.For families and groups, we suggest hotels which allow extra beds or have family rooms .this will help you reduce the price of your package a lot.For solo travelers or bachelors in a group, we suggest to take standard clean hotels in both port Blair and havelock and spend more time and money exploring stuff and on adventure activities.

How many days you are spending in Andaman

The number of days you decide to spend in Andaman is the most significant factor in determining your trip cost. A quick three-day trip would cost much less than a six-day trip covering all attractions.

For people on a budget, we suggest taking a 4-day tour plan with two days in port Blair 1 day at havelock and same-day return from Niel. We can make the itinerary a bit more hectic, and you can quickly visit most of the famous attractions while keeping your entire night stays to a minimum.

This approach of a packed itinerary is only for those who are on a budget but still want to visit all the places in Andaman.

We have seen from experience that most people enjoy an Andaman tour package, which has a relaxed itinerary, and they get enough time to enjoy each location thoroughly.

What activities you plan

There are a lot of activities that are available in the Andaman islands for visiting tourists. And generally, tour operators try to include them all in your Andaman tour package because they get good commissions from the activity providers.

While most of the activities are fun and adventurous, they are not for everyone

In our experience, we have seen that people book many activities and don’t end up doing all of them and waste a lot of money. Money which could have been used to do stuff they would enjoy. For example, Many people book scuba diving for the whole group beforehand, but only a few members finally end up doing it.

We suggest that you do not include any watersport activity in your Andaman tour package and book it through your travel agent once you are at the locations. The exception is people who are sure about the activity they want to do and can book in advance.

Which of the locations you prefer

Andaman has about 20 attractions which are popular among tourists and many more remote beaches and spots where locals visit frequently.

You cannot cover them all, no matter which Andaman tour package you choose. So we have made a list of the popular destination and tips on how to choose the attraction you want to visit while keeping your Andaman tour package cost within your budget:

Andaman tour attractions and cost details

City tour of Port Blair:

Most tour operators include a city tour on the first day the guests arrive. You typically visit the small parks, zoos, and museums in port Blair city. On average, you get charged Rs 1500 for one five-seater vehicle.

While the city tour is recommended for families with children, couples and bachelors usually don’t enjoy it very much. We can suggest that if you are a couple or a group of bachelors, you can skip the city tour and spend more time at Corbyn’s cove beach near port Blair or visit marina park for some watersport activities like jet ski.

Cellular jail

Cellular jail is a national monument and gives you a glimpse into the Andaman’s history and significance in the Indian independence struggle.

The cellular jail is a gigantic structure with a museum attached. “light and sound show ” at cellular jail showcases the history of the prison and the Andaman islands in a theatrical way.

Most of our guests have given us positive reviews after visiting cellular jail. We suggest you add cellular jail to your itinerary as the entry ticket is only Rs 200, and the jail is located within the city.

Ross island

Ross Island is a tiny uninhabited island just off the coast of Port Blair city. The ross island was the old administrative capital of the British in their early days in the Andaman Islands during the 18th century.

Now the island is controlled by the Indian navy and is open for tourist. The island is famous for its old British ruins from the 18th century, which are mostly intact. The people visiting there feel like they have traveled back in time to a ghost town.

The cost of a ticket to ross island is about Rs 500, depending on the season. The last boat from ross island to Port Blair leaves at 5 pm.

Ross Island can be a fun trip for all kind of travelers, and for couples and groups who are not into archeology and history, there is a lovely beach at the rear side of ross island where you can spend quality time.

Havelock Island

Havelock island is the most popular destination for tourists travelling to the Andaman islands and for a good reason.

Havelock Island has many attractions like the famous Radha Nagar beach, Kala Patthar beach, and elephant beach. We recommend you visit Radha Nagar beach and Kala Patthar beach it will cost you about Rs 1500 for a four-wheeler.

Elephant beach requires traveling on a small boat and will cost you about Rs 1000 per person. Visit elephant beach if you have time as it is famous for its crystal clear water and snorkeling activities.

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Scuba diving

Andaman is divers heaven. There are many dive schools in havelock, which conduct recreational diving for tourists. You dive up to 5mts along with a certified diver.


Diving in Andamans is safe, and it is a beautiful experience thanks to the clear waters at havelock. Though it is not for everyone and some people find it too intimidating. The cost of a 15min dive is about Rs 3000.

Andaman tour package cost reduction tips:

Try to book an Andaman tour package which includes all meals

Do not prebook the water sport activities in advance. Reach the location and then book based on weather, time available, etc

If traveling in a big group, ask your travel agent to negotiate with hotels and ferries, and provide you with a discount.

Carry all essentials for a beach destination and avoid buying stuff after you start the trip(carry sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, swimming costumes, etc.)It will be challenging to get in Andaman and also will waste your time between your tour.

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