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Why Choose Tropical Andaman?

Andaman's Leading Travel Agent

Tropical Andaman Tours is the leading travel Agent in Andaman Islands with out headquaters located in port Blair the Islands capital city Port Blair.Local touch with world class experience.

Unmatched Price Guarantee

Our partnerships with all major hotels and own fleet of vehicles ensures that we are able to provide the best rates on packages to our guests.We providing premium services at budget prices.

Best Reviews for Travel Agents On Google

We have been consistently reviewed as the best travel agent from Andaman on google reviews over the years.Tropical Andaman Tours is proud toseve you .we pride to have an overall Google rating of 4.7 of 5.

Plan your trip with Andamans best tour operator

Tropical Andaman Tours is one of the leading travel agents in Andaman , we have served thousands of clients over the last 4 years. Being a local company with our head quarters at Port Blair helps us serve our customers better. All our staff are residents of the islands and are well equipped to handle all issues of our guests with ease due to in-depth local knowledge. Tropical Andaman has built up a reputation of highest standards when it comes to customer satisfaction over the years and make sure that all our partner hotels and resorts also follow the same standards when it comes to our guests.

We provide Andaman tour packages in a wide range of budgets and requirements. Our packages range from a quick 3 day tour of Andaman to a 7 Day Andaman package covering various activities like scuba diving , fishing and trekking . Our huge inventory of hotels in port blair and Havelock ensures we have room availability even during peak season at the best rates.

Tropical andaman Tours takes pride in it’s brand new fleet of cars which are well equipped with modern sound systems and well maintained interiors. We believe in pampering our guests because they deserve nothing less than the best.

How to choose a travel agent for your next Andaman trip?

The Andaman Islands are one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. The archipelago, which comprises of over 500 islands,the most popular islands include Port Blair (The capital of Andaman) , havelock island and neil island. is endowed with blue waters teeming with brilliantly-colored fishes, stunning, unspoiled beaches and exotic fauna and flora.Visiting the Andamans is guaranteed to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

To get the best out of your visit it is important to ensure that you get the best travel agent and package for your needs. A tour package basically means a trip undertaken by travelers that follows a particular pre-planned itinerary. The tour package deal can cover sightseeing, accommodation, land transfers, meals and other related aspects geared at creating the ultimate Andamans holiday experience. However, selecting the right package for your Andamans holiday is easier said than done due to the many tour packages and deals available. Here are essential tips on how you can select the best Andaman and island tour package so that your visit is stress-free, exciting and memorable.

The Andaman Islands enjoy a tropical climate and have pleasant weather throughout the year ,But that being said the islands can have sudden tropical cyclones during the months of July and August. The peak tourist season in Andaman nicobar island is during the months of December and january.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a beautiful part of the Indian Territory. Being a small group of islands on the Bay of Bengal, these are looked up to as the most striking places for vacation among holiday seekers. This place is among the seven union territories of the country and is in existence long before independence. Earlier it was the home ground to many Indians who were sentenced to death or life imprisonment for their devotion for their motherland. In addition to this, it is also the native place of many tribal groups in the country.

You can witness the beauty of the beaches, blue lagoons, exciting wildlife, fun filled excursions and breathtaking wild sea life. This amazing island attracts tourists from different parts of the world. People have different perceptions about this island and thus, they are always keen on exploring the island. Largely endorsed by the tourism industry, Andaman and Nicobar islands have become a favorite holiday destination for people. Among the various Indian tour packages available, trips to this island are available throughout the year. Travel agencies organizing tours and offering packages to various parts of the country, also organize andaman holiday package.

Our visitors can't afford to miss adventurous water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, parasailing, and so on. Andaman Nicobar offers beautiful island vacations and beach tours. Each island in Andaman has its own uniqueness and beauty. Visitors here can enjoy their beach tours along with their families and friends. Visiting and exploring these islands is equivalent to discover the paradise on earth.

Any trip to this island can be fun because it has many splendid sights for its visitors. The diverse flora and fauna, scenic beauty clubbed with different hotels and resorts can make your stay comfortable. You are also offered air tickets and pick up and drop facility from the airport. Your stay can be of three days - four nights at any luxurious hotel with all amenities. The hotel staff caters to your needs all through the day making you comfortable in every possible manner.

As you kick-start your day with the marvelous view of the sun rise, you gradually feel the atmosphere taking over your spirits. A great day awaits you filled with adventure and fun. Lots of water sports such as scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling enable you to embrace the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. While you enjoy your water sports you can take a vivid glimpse of the marine life, multicolored corals and fishes. Nevertheless, you can take a ride to the wildlife of the area under strict supervision of the guards. Your Andaman andaman holiday package can also involve the Cellular Jail, Science Centre, Naval Marine Museum, Cottage Industries Emporium, Anthropological Museum, Forest and Fisheries Museum, the Mini Zoo and Corbyn's Cove beach. At the local markets empty your pockets for the beautifully crafted handicrafts and souvenirs. Therefore, promise yourself of a great holiday at Andaman with exclusive andaman holiday package offered for your benefit by the government and make it the most memorable trip of the year

Tips for Selecting your perfect Tour package to Andaman ISlands

  • Research thoroughly:

    Once you have made a decision to go to the Andamans, the first thing you need to do is to conduct thorough research about the islands. Go to the official Andamans tourism website to get trustworthy and accurate information. You can also read various online web articles in order to get a clear picture about the Andamans-including the culture, transport, hotels, activities and sightseeing.

  • Determine what you want to do and the budget at hand :

    The package you select will be determined by what you want and the budget you have. You can select a customized holiday package that specifically matches your particular needs. But if you wish to go for something a little different from what is offered by the regular tours, make a list of the places you want to visit in the Andamans and the activities you would like to be involved in such as cycling, trekking or watersports. Ensure that the itinerary in the package includes the best Andaman experiences. In case it does not, customize it by adding your preferred tours. But remember to set a budget first, and ensure it is realistic and covers all the necessary items including hotels, airfare and entrance fees. Try to make it flexible in case you need to make some adjustments. It is recommended that you book your cruise and ferry tickets in advance. In addition, the best hotels and resorts are often sold out- so it is also advisable to book in advance. If you want to save even more money, look for an Andaman tour package that covers logistics and transport and then make online bookings for accommodation where you may enjoy attractive discounts.

    The tour package you select must make the most of your budget without wasting money on things you do not want. A good tour package is one that allows certain aspects to be tailored to suit your preferences; for example you can opt for budget-friendly or luxurious accommodation. In addition, ask if food expenses are included in the package or not. Ensure that the tour operator provides all the services you may need, for instance assistance with hotel booking or car rentals, without charging extra.

  • Examine the company’s experience and reputation :

    Before you make any commitment, you need to carefully analyze the various Andamans tour packages available. Look for reputable, trustworthy and reliable tour operators and travel agents and compare their packages in terms of prices, accommodation options provided, activities, places you will visit and so on. The package must be within your budget and should fully meet your specific needs and desires. Ask the company to give you a breakdown of the total costs so that you can get to know where you are paying and for what. As much as possible, your package must be fairly-priced and should provide value for your money. A credible tour package company will also advise you on the best time to visit the Andamans.

    Before you settle on any company for your package to Andaman Islands, it is important to study testimonials and comments given about them by users. Go online and search for reviews about the company’s reputation-but read several of them because there may be some which are not genuine. It is important to note that even little companies can have better reputations than their bigger, more expensive competitors. As you are searching about the various Andaman holiday packages online, visit the websites of the companies and check their experience and areas of specialization. Also decide on the type of package you require if you are a newly wed couple be sure to choose a andaman honeymoon package ,the honeymoon package will cover many romantic destinations that a regular tour package won't.The company you select must adhere to all the required safety standards and should be registered and accredited by the Andamans government and relevant trade associations.

  • Look for a well-organized, balanced schedule:

    The packages offered by various companies in the Andamans may range from those that generally leave you to your own devices to those that are jam-packed with activities. Generally, the best tour packages will be those that are well-balanced. This means that they incorporate a schedule of your preferred destinations and also include activities that you may wish to participate in. It is advisable to avoid packages that involve running around the whole day without taking some kind of break. On the other hand, you do not want a schedule that is too slow-paced or where you just sit around without doing much. In addition, a good tour package allows you to explore the sights in the Andamans at a reasonable pace, without being hurriedly rushed from one location to another.

  • Local knowledge is vital:

    Ensure that the company you select uses experienced local guides who are knowledgeable about the Andamans. Ideally, the guides should know the local languages, must have traveled widely within the Andamans and should be equipped with life-saving skills.

  • If you can, travel in a group:

    If you are visiting in a large group of say, 20 people, you will get very attractive package deals and flight rates, regardless of where you choose to stay and what you prefer. The cost distribution among the group means you can even get discounts of up to forty per cent.

In conclusion, after you have selected your preferred Andamans package, call the travel agent and get further details about your trip.Try to negotiate and see if you can get discounts and extra benefits. Once you are wholly satisfied with your Andamans tour package, purchase it and enjoy the vacation that you have always dreamed about..

Why is choosing a tour package the most cost effective when traveling to Andaman?

Choosing a tour package is very cost effective while you are travelling to Andaman for the following reasons-

  • A tour package allows you to enjoy a complete experience without the hassle of doing all the meticulous research and planning, the tour packages are designed by travel agents keeping in mind the traveller and are designed in such a way that they cover most places in the least amount of time. Thus a tour package helps your cover more places while spending less time. This will inturn let you save some money on your hotel stay as you end up spending less time in the islands but still are able to visit all the places you planned to visit.
  • Most of the big tour and travel agencies have large volumes and have special deals with hotels and cruise ship owners and get a hefty commission , due to the competitive nature of the business they pass on these discounts to the customers to attract them.This means you get a much better deal compared to what you will get if you had done all the bookings yourself.
  • The Andaman islands have tourist attractions scattered over various islands and they are connected by ferries and cruise ships. It can be a daunting task to arrange all your travel without proper timings of these ferries as there is limited information online. It is therefore easier to take a tour package where the travel agents take care of all your inter-island transportation.
  • Many of the attractions in the Andaman islands lie in protected forests or natural reserves which require visitors to apply and get a pass before hand. These passes are not available online and have to be obtained locally. While you could get the passes yourself after you reach the Andaman islands , most people ask a travel agent to get the passes or opt for an Andaman tour package which will include all the required passes and permits.
  • Andaman islands has a tropical climate and the weather often changes very quickly and can spoil your days plan. Travel agents have experience in dealing with such situations and generally have alternate attractions you can visit in case your original plan does not work out due to weather.

  • Can I customize my Andaman tour package as required?

    Yes, Tour packages provided by tropical andamans are highly customizable and can be tailored according to your needs. The guests are informed about all the options they have before finalizing their tour so that they can make an informed decision. This ensures transparency and the guests know what to expect when they arrive in Andaman.

    Is Andaman good for a family vacation?

    Definetly , Andaman is ideal for family vacations. The island is still developing as a tourist attraction and is relatively less crowded when compared to other location in india. The locals are friendly and support only family friendly activities. There are also a lot of water sports activities which everyone in the family can enjoy like snorkelling scuba etc. Andaman offers a lot of natural spectacles like corals and snorkelling which cannot be found elsewhere are very popular with children and families.

    Is Andaman good for couples on a honeymoon trip?

    Andaman is one of the most preferred honeymoon destination in india . A huge number of visitors to the Andaman islands are couples on their honeymoon. Andaman attracts honeymoon travellers due to its nearly untouched beaches and scenic locations. For the adventurous couples there are many water sports activities available which are sure to give you lifelong memories. The resorts in Andaman are comparatively less expensive and provide great romantic beach side rooms and candle-light dinners for couples.

    In conclusion the safety, privacy, romantic location and inexpensive beach resorts make Andaman islands a favourite pick for honeymoon packages.

    Can Tropical Andamans arrange an event for me?

    Recently Andaman has become the go to destination for corporate meetings and weddings etc. Tropical Andaman has arranged various corporate events for many MNC’s over the years. These corporate meetings are arranged as per the clients wishes according to their budget with activities , food and drink all included.

    Tropical Andaman has worked with various wedding planners from across india and arranged destination weddings at Havelock.

    If you want us to organize your next event in the Andaman islands look no further than Tropical Andaman. For corporate or wedding enquires you can drop a mail at

    Are there any special discounts for groups booking the tour?

    Yes, The overall cost of your tour package is significantly reduced if you travel as a group. We have 14-18 seater A/c vehicles in our fleet which means all of you can travel together. On group bookings we can negotiate with the hotel and get best rates and pass the discount on to you.

    To give you an Idea a 15 ppl group will pay 15%-20% less that couples or small families per person.

    How many days package is best when visiting Andaman?

    Generally the most preferred package tour to Andaman is 5 days and for good reason.

    A 5 day package gives you enough time to visit most of the famous attractions without haste. A 5 day package allows for enough time to have overnight stay and Havelock and a day trip to neil island while returning to port blair from Havelock island. It also gives you the option of squeezing in water sports activities like scuba and seawalk.

    A 4 day package is preferred by individuals who have time constrains and want to quickly visit the major attractions without wasting time. While most of the major attractions can be covered on a 4 day package , there is not enough time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the islands fully. To include water sports in a 4 day tour package you might have to compromise on a few locations. The 4 day package is less expensive due to the shorter stay and can cover most tourist destinations but we from experience feel that once the guests arrive they feel they are rushing from one place to another without much rest.

    A 3 day package is the minimum duration of a tour package to Andaman ,it is opted only by people with very tight schedules and just a few activities in mind. A 3 day trip is mostly opted by individuals who have already visited Andaman and are coming back for a specific activity they enjoy like scuba diving or relaxing at a resort in Havelock without much sightseeing.

    6 days and more packages are for avid travellers who like to fully explore a destination and are interested in visiting remote islands with untouched natural beauty . A 6-7 day package is for people who want to explore at leisure while experiencing Andaman and its beauty to the fullest.

    What is the best season to visit Andaman islands?

    The best season to visit the Andaman islands is from sept to march because the climate is pleasant and water is clear during this time which is ideal for coral viewing and scuba diving. November to February is the peak season in Andaman due to holidays and marriage season (honeymmon travellers). The hotel rates go up significantly in December and January especially during Christmas and Newyear due to large number of incoming tourist, some of the hotels even charge a peak season surcharge during this time. March to August is the peak season because of the tropical rains and cyclones during june and july . Budget conscious travellers who enjoy monsoon climate can visit during the off season as the hotel rates are very discounted and most activities and places are accessible all year round.

    In conclusion if you want to enjoy 100% of Andaman visit during the season time and be sure to book your flight tickets and tour packages well in advance (at least 3 months ) to avoid overpaying.

    How do I get to Andaman islands?

    Andaman is well connected to all the major cities in indian mainland by air and ship. It takes about 0230 mins to reach Andaman from Chennai and Calcutta by air and about 4 days by ship.

    Direct flights operate from cities like Chennai, Delhi ,Mumbai, Kolkata , and Bangalore daily and other cities are connected to the islands via connecting flights from Chennai or Kolkata . There are at least 15 to 20 flights that land daily at Port Blair airport operated by various indian airlines .

    The ship service is operated by the Andaman and nicobar administration and connects Port Blair to Chennai , Kolkata and Vizag. The ships schedules are announced in the local news papers and tickets have to be obtained from the govt counters .Although the ship is relatively cheaper it is not recommended as it can cause major discomfort and seasickness to passengers traveling for the first time.

    Flight rates to Port Blair can vary between Rs 5000 and Rs10000 per person depending on your time of booking and your origin city . Booking the flights well in advance can save you a lot of money as the airlines regularly run promotional offers for advance bookings.

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