Neil Island

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Neil island – All you need to Know

Neil island is a beautiful,scenic and serene island that is part of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Named after a British colonial officer, it is the most southern island of Ritchie’s archipelago- and it is situated about 40 kilometers to the northeast of port Blair(capital of the Andamans islands). It covers an area of just 18.9 square kilometers and it is five kilometers in length. This little paradise island boasts of pristine coral reefs, white sandy beaches, awe-inspiring marine life and tropical vegetation and forests.

The island is known as Andamans 'vegetable bowl' and it is famed for its agriculture produce due to its favorable climate. With its tranquil, relaxing atmosphere Neil island is the perfect getaway if you would like to take a rejuvenating break from the hectic schedules and pressures of modern life.

Must visit places in Neil Island

As a tourist, Neil island will offer a wide variety of fascinating attractions for you to sample. Here are must visit places when touring the island:

Howrah Bridge

This famous and amazing rock-formation is composed of two natural corals which are formed in shape of a bridge. It got its name from Bengalis who first settled on the island and first called it 'Rabindra Sethu' before renaming it Howrah bridge after the famous Kolkata bridge. It is near rocky beach that teems with various marine animals such as sea urchins, starfish and sea anemones among others. The best time of visiting is when there is a low tide and the sea has retreated. This is when the coral reefs are revealed in their wondrous splendor. You need to trek for about 10 minutes before reaching the bridge.

Bharatpur Beach

Located five hundred meters from the jetty, this gorgeous beach is well-known for coral watching and swimming in its clear, blue water. It has an expansive sandy stretch and there are numerous exciting activities on offer for visitors. You can snorkel, scuba dive or hire a glass bottom boat where you will view the breathtaking coral ecosystem. The water near the jetty has corals which are full of fish swimming around. The lush green vegetation along the beach will calm your senses as you walk.

Sitapur Beach

This scenic beach is situated five kilometers southwards, at the very tip of Neil island. You can watch as the sun rises and enjoy the mesmerizing backdrop of limestone formations and rich, natural vegetation. As you move from the jetty towards the breach you will feel relaxed as you view the lush green fields which have a wide range of forest trees and crops. Because of its exposure to the open sea,this beach is highly prone to higher tides.

Lakshmanpur Beach

This quiet and serene beach is located two kilometers north of the jetty. Its white sand and shallow blue waters are ideal for snorkeling. As you swim and sun-bathe, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset. The area is also full of coral formation and a wide range of marine life such as sea cucumbers, starfish and ornamental fish. The natural rock formations are the star attraction for this beach but you need to be careful about the slippery rocky surface. You can view a tiny tower made by the locals using dead coral and sea shells.

Sir Hugh Rose Island

Also called 'small Neil', this is a tiny island situated at the southern tip of the island. The government has designated it as a wildlife sanctuary, and it is a natural nesting ground for turtles. Only day visits are permitted and you must get government permission before you visit the island.

When to Go & Where to stay in Neil Island

Niel is relativly unexplored when compared to the other destinations in the Andaman Islands.In recent years there has been a huge increase in tourists visiting niel but the infrastructure on the island is still strugling to Manage the visitors. While there are a few good luxury and budget resorts in niel ,the island is still lacking good quality mid range resorts. Niel island has no internet and you will find only basic items in the local market,but that being said the island will absolutly take your breath away if you are a nature lover.The beaches are Quite and untouched and this makes niel a must visit destination on your andaman trip.

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To get to Neil Island, you will normally go through Port Blair. There are flights to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. There is a also a cruise from Visakhapatnam port city to Port Blair that takes about 36 hours. From Port Blair, there are two or more government-operated ferries that service Neil Island daily. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, the trip usually takes from two to three hours. For this government ferry, you can book even four days in advance There is also a private catamaran that sails from Port Blair to the island daily. In addition, there is a ferry boat that sails from Long Island to Port Blair thrice a week, and it makes a stop in Neil and Havelock Island.

  • Travel time from port blair: 90 mins
  • Travel Time from Havelock : 60 mins
  • Special permits needed : NO