Andaman – How to Plan a Trip for Two to The Home of Evergreen Forests, Turquoise Blue Waters, and Sandy Beaches?

The sceneries, sunsets and white sandy beaches are some of the common reasons for people to visit the Andaman Islands. Andaman is a unique collection of several small and large ancient islands in the Bay of Bengal. Each one of them provides a stunning view of the blue horizon where the ocean meets the sky. It is a haven for all nature lovers and vacationers because it has something for all kinds of travelers. Eons of no human activity have kept the plant life, animal life and marine life of the islands undisturbed and pristine. It is a heaven on earth that bears a sense of serenity.

chidiyatabu beach in andamans is a very popular destination among honeymoon couples
Radhanagar beach is argubaly one of andamans most beautiful beaches,don't forhet to include it in your package
Andaman is a paradise for scuba divers with clear blue waters and abundance of corals

Step into a new world dominated by nature

Travelers can discover more than their souls on their trip to the Andaman Islands. A breathtakingly expansive and picturesque coastline welcomes all vacationers and travelers to the lush green tropical lands. The forests are primeval. You can live out your survival fantasies in these woods by choosing to hike on the lesser traveled trails, or you can just sit and chill in their shadows as you sip on refreshing minty mocktails from your resort.

Andaman sees a fair share of adventure lovers each season. Andaman tour package, local resorts, adventure sports organizations and local tourist associations currently provide all amenities needed for scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat riding, kayaking (in the mangroves) and glass-bottom boat riding. The crystal clear water, surrounding the green islands and only separated by a glimmer of white virgin beaches, is a perfect spot for all kinds of water sports. The turquoise blue water, devoid of any pollution is the ideal site for marine life observation.

Andaman is an unspoiled beauty

The Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal hold a treasure of aquatic life including the rare and endangered leatherback turtles, vividly colored corals and schools of intriguing tropical fish that inhabit the warmer waters of the bay. The myriad of diving and viewing options let the visitors rendezvous with the aquatic life embracing the islands.

In whichever direction you look, you will notice vistas thriving with life. The Andaman Islands are the most beautiful work of nature where a myriad of unique land formations house different land creatures, and the topographies of the sea sustain a rich flora and fauna that do not exist elsewhere in the world. Finding it hard to imagine? Check out the Tropical Andaman Tours travel logs for enchanting pictures of the Andaman Islands taken by our guests and travelers.

Embrace the simpler ways of life

More importantly, the Andaman Islands are not yet a commercial tourist spot laden with a bedlam of agents and drivers haggling to give you the "best rates." It is an archipelago of roughly 300 islands, and even the ones most famous among tourists are calm, sparsely populated and soulful. Starting from Port Blair to Baratang, you will find helpful locals, and resourceful travel guides all the way. Visit the official Tropical Andaman Tours website for booking your course on the Andaman Islands.

Planning a romantic getaway to Andaman – which months are the best for traveling to the islands?

Here at Tropical Andaman Tours, we recommend the months between October and June for a visit. Most of the beaches are open for water activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking and deep sea diving. The warm blue waters are perfect for safely viewing the marine life from up close during these months.

The Summers Sojourns

Summers are cool and pleasant in the Andaman Islands. The temperatures range between 24 and 37 degree Celsius. Summers are the best for all water sports and activities. You can visit Port Blair, Long Island, Havelock Island, Smith and Ross Islands, Diglipur, Mayabunder and Clique islands during the summer.

The Winter Wanderlust

The winters in the Andaman Islands are just as pleasant as their summers. Their average temperatures range between 20 and 30 degree Celsius. The weather is neutral and conducive for regular island hopping.

The Rainy Regale

The Andaman Islands see maximum visits during the months of July and August. It is the rainy season and tourism companies usually advice against traveling to the islands during this period due to the high tidal waves. Some brave the unpredictable torrential rains and high tides to witness the unique beauty of the islands.

Get your personalized quote from Tropical Andaman Tours today before the summer rush hikes the prices.

How can tourists and travelers reach Andaman?

Andaman might be in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, but it is easily reachable by air and water from the mainland.

Flying to the exotic tropical islands:

You can avail one of the daily flights from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore to Port Blair. There are NO international flights to the Port Blair airport.

Sail through the sea:

The boat ride to Port Blair only completes the journey to the Andaman Islands or makes the experience edgier than what you have expected. There is no one way to describe the boat ride since different people have different interpretations of the experience, but there are about 3-4 sailings per month between Port Blair and Vishakhapattanam, Kolkata and Chennai. It takes about four days on average to complete the journey, but always count an extra day or two if you are braving the unpredictable weather.

Romancing on the Andaman Islands – Andaman Nicobar tour package for couples

Here at Tropical Andaman Tours, we do all the research for you, and we present the best packages for all travelers. Romantic couples, adrenaline-loving youngsters, nature lovers and families on a budget vacation, everyone can find the satisfaction they are looking for with Tropical Andaman Tours. Whether you want a minimal 3-day-2-night tour package or a 7-day tour of the lesser-known jewels of the Andaman Islands, we can make that happen for you. Check out our customization options at the Tropical Andaman Tours website.

An Andaman trip is incomplete without a relaxing and comfortable journey inside the lush greenery, a drive along the beaches to the perfect family spots and tons of family pictures against the most panoramic backdrops. We have a fleet of cars that can take you and your significant other for a joyful ride to the sunset points, picnic spots and the most glamorous beaches of the island. It is one of the few places where you will find the magic of the pure blue waters touching the sandy beaches or splashing against imposing mountains on one side and dense evergreen forests on the other. Andaman is indeed a lifetime's experience, and that is why you need the right guide to make it memorable.

Tropical Andaman Tours have a local advantage

We know the islands like the back of our hands. We can guide you to the most memorable vistas and spots. We know the best time to leave for a whole day's island hopping fun, and we can arrange for your transport too. Of the 500-odd islands, only a few are accessible to the tourists, and we can help you get to the best of them in record time. A vacation is supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating time. Something as simple as not finding the right travel buddy can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare of anxiety filled days. That is why you need someone like Tropical Andaman Tours to help you figure out where you should stay, how you should get around, how you should book different activities and tours and what you should eat! We are the ultimate tourism agency that can open up the Andaman treasure trove for you right when and where you want it.

All international travelers need a special permit to visit the Andaman Islands. You can receive your free copy of the consent at the Port Blair airport or the Haddo Jetty. It is usually a 30-day permit, and it is possible (do not take it for granted) to get an extension on it for another 15 days. Travelling with an experienced tourism agency always helps to get the copy on time and apply easily for an extension. Areas like Ross and Smith Islands, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Diglipur need payable permits, and walking hand in hand with Tropical Andaman Tours relieves you of the permit-related headaches. We can help you get all the permits you need to travel to the islands on time so that you do not have to waste a day sitting around for the legal processes to finish. Your Andaman Nicobar tour package usually includes the permit costs. The Nicobar Islands are off-limits for all international travelers. Only national travelers, engaged in approved research or involved with government business or trade can reach the Nicobar Islands with special permits.

Tropical Andaman Tours packages for the couple in love

Here at Tropical Andaman Tours, we have been helping travelers and tourists from all over the world experience Andaman for four years now! Being a local company, we understand the importance of customization in tour packages that people need to enjoy Andaman thoroughly. We have a variety of tour packages at various rates for people. Aside from the many hotels that we own at Port Blair, we offer a wide range of activity, travel and leisure options to all our clients. Tropical Andaman always tries to understand the needs of the customers better!

You can check out the simple 3 Nights Andaman Honeymoon package. It is a basic one that offers a stay of 2 nights at Port Blair and 1 Night at Havelock. We arrange for a comfortable stay, candlelight dinner, and transport. Tropical Andaman Tours can accommodate all kinds of personalization within this package.

We also have the 5 Nights Honeymoon package with scuba for the two thrill-loving souls who have found each other! Aside from the obvious Havelock and Neil Island Stay, we also offer flexible water sports activities, a romantic candlelight dinner, and romantic accommodation for the couple. Tropical Andaman is known for customizable tour packages. So while booking, you just need to mention the different changes you would like, and we can make that happen for you! You need to check our Tropical Andaman Tours website for more packages and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have many packages and plans for every traveler. There are hundreds of such possibilities depending on where you would want to go first and which activity interests you. Pick your favorite destinations from our travel albums, list everything you want to enjoy and the beaches you want to see. Reach out to us via our website or call us on our registered number, tell us your ideal Andaman vacation idea, give us your approximate budget and we will plan it for you. Here at Tropical Andaman Tours, we offer you time-tested tour packages and ideas that save money and time. We help our customers to travel more and spend less. While touring with us, you will never have to fret about obtaining permits and passes for entering protected areas. We will always notify you before your travel, and we will get the permits for you.

There are some questions that our customers ask us before and during booking:

Is Andaman an ideal destination for honeymooners?

Andaman is safe, quiet and beautiful. There are expansive beaches and clearings for you to sit and talk, picnic spots for romantic outdoor lunches, activities for all kinds of couples and fantastic views for romantic photos. It is one of the best places for honeymooners and couples who are looking for a romantic getaway.

Can Tropical Andaman Tours arrange for special events?

Tropical Andaman Tours can help you arrange for many events including:

  • • Destination weddings in Havelock
  • • Corporate retreats and getaways at Neil Island and Port Blair
  • • Family get-togethers, lunches and dinners at multiple locations
  • • Family functions (20 people and more) at Port Blair, Neil Island, and Havelock Islands.

Is there any discount for mass booking?

For groups, Tropical Andaman Tours can provide lucrative discounts. We have our own 14-18 seater air-conditioned vehicles. So large families and groups can always stick together and have fun together. A group of at least 15 people will get a discount of 15% to 20%.

Can Tropical Andaman Tours help book water activities?

Tropical Andaman conducts regular sea walking, scuba diving and other diving activities around Andaman. We have the best instructors and guides working with us for the safety of our guests.

What is the best time for booking an Andaman tour package?

Most people pick the time around December and January to visit Andaman. The hotel rates and airfares significantly rise around this time of every year. Months of November and February see honeymooners and couples visit the islands. If you are targeting anytime between November and August, you should pre-book your tickets at least three months in advance.

We take complete responsibility for giving you a remarkable and memorable Andaman vacation from the very time you set foot on Port Blair. Visit and book your Andaman Tour Package with Tropical Andaman Tours right now for the best rates.

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