50 things to do In Andaman

The Best of What The Islands Have to Offer!

Those who have visited Andaman say it is heaven on earth. Miles away from the pollution and noise of the cities, Andaman is a place where you can unwind and take in the beauty of nature. Tropical Andaman Tours , one of the most renowned travel agencies in the region, has been helping thousands of passionate travelers enjoy their stay on the islands for over the last four years. If you are tired of the traffic, busy schedules and daily stress, take a deep breath and keep reading.

The Andaman Islands are an archipelago of over 500 islands. However, only a few of them are accessible to the common folk. They lie on the Bay of Bengal, separated from the mainland by pristine blue sea. The unique location and the nurturing climate have made it possible for the wildlife and the vegetation to thrive naturally on the islands. Many of these islands, uninhabited by urban people, have lush evergreen flora, freshwater springs and rivers and virgin beaches. Several tourist-friendly spots have the same quality as well, partially due to the climate and partly due to the touch of nature that is still prominent on the islands.

Your trip to the depths of the archipelago will begin at Port Blair. No matter which island you choose to stay on or travel to, you will have to start your vacation from Port Blair. It is the only island in the Andaman region with a national airport. Several national cruises, ships, and boats also dock at the various jetties and ports along the shoreline. To find tickets on short notice or to book excellent accommodations, give Tropical Andaman Tours a call.

Something for everyone

Andaman is home to myriads of visages and a mélange of experiences. From action-loving travelers and honeymooners to family vacationers and corporate parties, everyone can find at least one activity that he or she will love on the Andaman Islands. From Port Blair to Barren Island, this archipelago is hiding incredible and unforgettable experiences that you need to explore. You just need the right guide who can tell you which way to go. What are you waiting for? Give Tropical Andaman Tours a call and get an estimate on the following activities.

01. Scuba diving

No adventure sports lover can overlook the lure of scuba diving in the crystal clear blue waters off the shores of Port Blair. The marine world is mostly untouched by human activities, and you can explore a vibrant world of fish, corals, anemones, and foliages. The most popular spots for scuba diving include Neil Island and Havelock Island.

02. Snorkeling

It is ideal for the thrill-seeking rookie. Snorkeling is a laidback experience for all ages. Radhanagar Beach, Red Skin Island, Neil Island, Elephant Beach and Jolly Buoy Island offer perfect still clear waters for leisurely underwater exploration.

03. Kayaking

Mangrove kayaking is a tranquil experience that gives you a chance to explore the backwaters of Mayabunder. Exploring one-fifth of India's mangrove forest will take you about 2.5 hours. Traverse the lush greenery, revel in the songs of birds known and unknown and spend time with your loved ones in the lap of nature.

04. Sea Walk

Chances are you have not heard of this before, and your friends have not tried this either. It is one of the newest activities that is skyrocketing in popularity. Enjoy a submerged walk on the ocean floor amidst the schools of fish, colorful anemones, and vibrant corals.

05. Barren Island

The island may be uninhabited by people, but it is home to one of the oldest living volcanoes in the world. Sailing to the Barren Islands is undoubtedly an experience you would not want to miss!

06. Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The clear waters at the Dolphin Beach of Havelock Island offers the perfect spot for watching the marine affairs from a boat. The glass bottom of the boat provides unabated views of the marine world.

07. Island Hopping

Hopping from one island to another takes time, and if you do not have a planned course of action, you will never be able to cover all 36 islands. Each island is unique. Port Blair is home to the ruins of the colonial penal settlements, and Havelock Island is the haven for sports and activities. Call Tropical Andaman Tours to find out all you need to know about all 36 islands and how to cover them in your Andaman tour package.

08. Dip toes in history

The Cellular Jail in Port Blair is a popular tourist destination. It once housed the freedom fighters who rebelled against the British rule. It also hosts light and sound shows every evening that is ideal for young adults and kids.

09. Pay you respects

The Murugan Temple in Port Blair is the central hub of the city. Although not crowded at all times, it offers a unique insight into south Indian architecture and culture.

10. Go back to the 1880s

The Chatham Saw Mill on the Chatham Islands was founded in 1883. Right now, it stands tall and almost immobile against the tides of time. Although non-operational, it offers a great look into the history of timber and saw production in India nearly 150 years ago.

11. Explore the organic side of Andaman

At Sippighat Farm on Wandoor Road, Port Blair, you will find many rare herbs, precious spices, and almost extinct flora. This botanical farm is a delight for nature lovers, horticulture enthusiasts and botanists alike.

12. Explore the Howrah Bridge of Neil Island

It is not the Howrah Bridge on the Ganges. It is a natural formation that embraces the shore of Neil Island in a careless but prominent fashion. It is best to visit the site during low tides since it provides easy access to the insides of the bridge. You can get a glimpse of the washed-up corals, several sea cucumbers, starfish and colorful schools of fish in the shallows.

13. Parasailing

It is one of the most adrenaline pumping adventures you can try here. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Andaman offers experienced parasailing guides, proper safety equipment, and the golden opportunity to test your flying skills.

14. Riding a Seaplane

A sea-plane ride on the blue waters of the bay of Bengal is one of the best ways to perceive the real beauty of Andaman. Each flight lasts about 20 minutes and gives you the chance to see some of the major islands of the archipelago. These flights commence from Port Blair. The planes are small and very popular, so book your adventure fast. Tropical Andaman Tours can get you a front row seat to the adventure-special flight off Port Blair.

15. A trek through the islands

Trekking and hiking are the best ways to explore nature. The pristine islands offer several natural hiking routes and nature trails. The trail from Mt. Harriet to Madhuban provides unprecedented views of the woods and fantastic photo opportunities.

16. Dolphin watching

Waiting for dolphins to jump out of water might not sound fun, but capturing an image of the majestic cetaceans in action is a rare privilege. Lalaji Bay Beach is one of the prime spots for dolphin lovers to gather and wait for them to emerge from the unsuspecting waters.

17. Cruise in luxury

Markuzz is one name that exudes luxury and opulence. It is a catamaran that gives 90-minute luxury rides to travelers. It leaves Port Blair and cruises the waters, giving the people on board a new perspective to enjoy the lush greenery, calm waters and virgin beaches of Andaman.

18. Visit the rubber plantations

The rubber plantations of Wandoor are unique and refreshing. This island is known for the umpteen farms that have found their home here. Coconuts, betel nut, and rubber are the most common trees that welcome the visitors to this island.

19. A Helicopter tour of Andaman Islands

Seaplanes, and helicopters offer entirely different experiences. Helicopter rides are popular and thrilling, thanks to the beautiful coastlines, incredible vistas, clear blue seas, active volcanoes and dense tropical forests. It is also a popular way of reaching the Campbell Bay.

20. Hob-Nob with the elephants

On the Radhanagar beach and the Red Skin Island, you will be able to swim with these majestic beasts in the clear waters. Ride them to the nearest tourist spot or just enjoy a relaxing ride with your family.