Sea Walking in Andaman: Ultimate Guide to Underwater Adventure

Sea walking in the Andaman Islands offers tourists an effortless underwater adventure poised against a backdrop of vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. This emerging activity is a tranquil yet exhilarating experience that does not require the skillset associated with scuba diving or snorkelling. Even those without any prior swimming skills can stroll along the seafloor, thanks to the specialised equipment provided, allowing for an up-close encounter with the sub-aquatic wonders.

sea walking in andaman

Andaman’s crystal-clear waters serve as an ideal setting for sea walking, especially at destinations like Havelock Island, Elephant Beach, Ross Island, and North Bay. With a helmet that offers a clear, magnified view and a continuous supply of fresh air, visitors can comfortably observe and appreciate the biodiversity including tropical fish, corals and lobsters. Embarking on a sea walk in the Andamans is akin to stepping into a different realm where the pace of life slows down, and the connection with nature becomes tangible.

A well-established infrastructure for sea walking in the Andamans ensures that safety and environmental conservation are of the utmost priority. Operators provide a thorough briefing on conduct and precautions, making sure your underwater adventure is not only memorable but also responsible. A sea walk here is a harmonious blend of thrill, tranquillity, and eco-consciousness, offering a unique way to explore the marine life without disrupting its delicate balance.

Key Takeaways

  • Sea walking in Andaman is an accessible underwater activity that does not require swimming skills.
  • It is possible to explore rich marine life up close with special equipment that supplies fresh air.
  • The activity is supported by a focus on safety and environmental conservation.

What Is Sea Walking?

Have you ever imagined strolling under the sea, surrounded by marine life, with no need to swim? Welcome to the concept of sea walking, a popular underwater activity that offers just that. Traditionally, exploring the underwater world required skills in scuba diving or snorkelling, but sea walking simplifies the adventure, making it accessible to a broad audience.

The Sea Walking Experience

  • At the core of sea walking is the simplicity of walking on the ocean floor.
  • The experience is akin to taking a walk on land, with the added wonder of being enveloped by the underwater environment.
  • No swimming skills are necessary, making it inclusive for non-swimmers and those uncomfortable with traditional diving.

Equipment Used

  • Participants don an underwater helmet, a large clear dome that allows for normal breathing.
  • Oxygen is supplied to the helmet through a tube, ensuring a continuous flow of air.
  • The helmet also provides a generous field of vision, allowing you to fully appreciate the surrounding marine life.

Where It Happens

  • Various destinations offer sea walking, but the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have become renowned for this activity.
  • Crystal-clear waters and rich marine biodiversity make the Andamans an ideal setting for sea walking.

How Safe Is It?

  • Safety is paramount, and sea walking is designed to be as secure as it is enjoyable.
  • Expert guidance and high-quality equipment ensure a well-managed underwater escapade.

Embarking on a sea walking adventure in the Andamans is to view the ocean world from a completely different perspective. Your connection with the sea is not just about observation; it’s about being part of the underwater tableau, momentarily living within it.

Sea Walking in Andaman

Discover the vibrant underwater life with sea walking in the Andaman Islands where you can marvel at the marine life in crystal clear waters. This adventure sport has emerged as a highlight for tourists visiting North Bay Island, Elephant Beach on Havelock Island, and in the vicinity of Port Blair.

North Bay Island Experience

  • Location: North Bay Island is a renowned destination for sea walking near Port Blair.
  • Activities:
    • Encounter a variety of colourful fish and coral reefs.
    • Capture your underwater moments with professional photos included in sea walking packages.
  • Cost & Duration:
    • Expect to spend INR 3,300 for a 3-hour sea walking experience, including the necessary equipment and a personal guide.
  • Travel Tips:
    • Best visited during morning hours for the calmest sea conditions.

Elephant Beach Escapade

  • Location: Situated on Havelock Island, Elephant Beach is accessible by boat.
  • Activities:
    • Known for its pristine coral reefs and diverse aquatic life.
    • Adventure enthusiasts enjoy sea walking among the vibrant undersea ecosystem.
  • Cost & Duration:
    • Prices for the sea walk at Elephant Beach start at approximately INR 3,500 per person for a similar duration and inclusions.
  • Travel Tips:
    • The beach is also famous for other water activities if you want to explore more.

Port Blair Port-of-Call

  • Location: While sea walking is not directly offered in Port Blair, it acts as the gateway to nearby sea walking destinations in the Andamans.
  • Getting There:
    • North Bay Island and other sea walking spots are a short boat ride away.
    • Can serve as a base for your sea walking adventures in the Andamans.
  • Sightseeing:
    • Take the chance to explore the historic Cellular Jail and other attractions in Port Blair.
  • Travel Tips:
    • Plan your sea walking trips from Port Blair early in the day to maximise your experience.

Remember, if you’re 8 years and above, you too can partake in this underwater escapade; those below 8 are not considered fit for diving. Now that you’ve got your flippers tickled with excitement, it’s time to take the plunge and walk under the sea!

Marine Life of Andaman

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the sparkling turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea? Let’s embark on an underwater journey through the fascinating marine life that flourishes within this part of the Indian Ocean.

Fish and Fauna

The Andaman waters are a sanctuary for a kaleidoscope of fish species. Here, you can glide beside schools of vibrant fish as they navigate the complex ecosystems of the coral reefs.

  • Common sightings include:
    • Clownfish, with their striking orange and white patterns, swaying gently in the anemones.
    • Parrotfish, grinding away at the corals, keeping the reef clean.
    • Lionfish, with their showy spines, drifting along the currents.

But remember, while these fish can look harmless, some, like the lionfish, can be quite defensive, so keep a safe distance.

Coral Reefs

A haven for biodiversity, the Andaman’s coral reefs are pivotal to the marine ecosystem. They provide shelter and food to countless marine organisms.

  • Types of corals:
    • Table Corals create broad platforms offering shelter to small fish.
    • Brain Corals fascinate with their maze-like patterns.
    • Staghorn Corals stand out with their antler-like structures.

Healthy corals mean a healthy marine environment, so it’s vital to respect and protect these underwater gardens during your visit.

Aquatic Life’s Role

The underwater life in the Andaman is not just about eye-catching flora and fauna; it’s also about understanding the roles they play in maritime ecology.

  • Ecological importance:
    • Reefs act as natural barriers against shoreline erosion.
    • Fish populations depend on reefs for survival, influencing local fishing industries.


The Andaman Islands are not just a hot spot for sea walking experiences, but also a zone of ecological significance, needing our collective efforts for conservation.

  • Conservation efforts include:
    • Guided tours that educate about marine conservation.
    • Regulations to prevent overfishing and protect aquatic life.

By choosing eco-friendly activities and responsible tour operators, you’re not only ensuring an incredible sea walking adventure but also contributing to the preservation of this underwater wonderland.

Dive into an oceanic adventure and witness the mesmerising dance of life below the waves. The marine life of the Andaman is waiting for you to discover its secrets.

Safety and Precautions

When exploring the marine splendours through sea walking in Andaman, safety must be your top priority. By following clear health advice, ensuring comfort in water, and using the right safety equipment, you can make your adventure both memorable and secure.

Health and Medical Advice

  • Assess your health: Before signing up, disclose any medical conditions such as asthma or heart issues to determine eligibility.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant visitors should typically avoid sea walking due to potential risks.

Swimming Skills and Comfort Level

  • No swimming expertise needed: Relax, you don’t need to be a swimmer. Sea walking is designed for non-swimmers too!
  • Comfort under water: Familiarise yourself with breathing through a helmet and staying calm under water.

Safety Gears and Guides

  • Safety Equipment: Always use a certified helmet for oxygen supply and ensure life jackets are available.
  • Guided Tours: Experienced guides and lifeguards will be with you throughout to ensure a safe experience.

Remember, by respecting these guidelines, you ensure a safer and more enjoyable sea walking experience for yourself and everyone involved.

Planning Your Adventure

Before embarking on the exhilarating experience of sea walking in Andaman, you must consider the essentials of organising this adventure, from making bookings to knowing what to expect. This section aims to ensure you are well-prepared for your undersea journey.

Booking Your Sea Walk

  • Selecting a Vendor: Research and choose reputable sea walk operators, like Sea Link Adventures, known for safety and quality services.
  • Advance Reservations: To avoid disappointment, book your sea walking slot in advance, especially during peak tourist season.
    • Group Bookings: If travelling in groups, inquire about possible discounts and group packages.
  • COVID Guidelines Compliance: Confirm that the vendor follows current COVID-19 safety protocols for a secure adventure.

Best Time to Visit

  • Weather and Operational Hours: Plan your visit between November and April when the sea is calm and visibility is high.
    • Avoid Monsoon: The monsoon period, from June to September, is not suitable due to rough seas and reduced visibility.

What to Expect

  • Introduction Tutorial: Expect a brief on safety procedures and sea walking techniques from qualified instructors.
  • The Experience: Gear up for a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ as you walk on the seabed, surrounded by vibrant marine life.
    • Family-Friendly: Sea walking is an activity the whole family can enjoy; swimming skills are not required.
  • Photography: Ask about photography services to capture your underwater moments; most vendors offer this as part of the package.

The Underwater Realm

Have you ever imagined walking along the ocean floor, surrounded by the wonders of the Indian Ocean? In Andaman, sea walking offers an unmatched experience, allowing you to stroll amidst the colourful underwater world in crystal clear blue waters.

The Mystical Sea Bed

  • Characteristics of the sea bed in Andamans:
    • Mostly sandy and smooth, ensuring ease of walking.
    • Presence of varied terrain like lagoons and netted areas for safety.
    • Visibility is enhanced due to the crystal clear quality of the blue water.
  • Flora and Fauna:
    • Home to magnificent fish species—spot anything from a tiny clownfish to grand lobsters.
    • Colourful corals with intricate designs create a vibrant underwater tapestry.
  • Interaction with marine life:
    • Protected spaces where direct interaction with sea life is possible.
    • Opportunities to feed and observe marine creatures in their natural habitat.

Sightseeing the Ocean’s Bounty

  • Visual treats:
    • Pristine areas of the ocean bottom untouched by human activity.
    • Phenomenal views that include various fish species and corals.
  • Specific Locations for Sea Walking in Andaman:
    • Havelock Island: Known for its dense coral populations and clear visibility.
    • Neil Island: Smaller in size but equally rich in marine life.
    • North Bay Island: Popular for its easily accessible and diverse underwater activities.
  • Snapshot of the underwater world:
    • Tables showcasing different species of fish and corals encountered during sea walking.
    • Visual guides or maps of the sea bed to forecast sightseeing spots.

Tourists visiting the Andaman Islands, imagine the thrill of beholding the Bay of Bengal’s underwater marvels while sea walking in Andaman. With Vivek, your friendly tour operator, each step on the ocean floor is not just a walk but a journey into a world brimming with life. Engage with this guide packed with facts and figures, and prepare to be enthralled by the seas’ hidden treasures.

Gear and Equipment for Sea Walking in Andaman

When you decide to experience sea walking in the Andaman Islands, the gear and equipment are crucial for a safe and enjoyable adventure.


  • Design: The helmet for sea walking features a transparent visor, which provides clear underwater views.
  • Functionality: Supplied with oxygen from the boat, so no mouthpiece is required, allowing you to breathe naturally.

Breathing Apparatus

  • You breathe effortlessly inside the helmet as fresh oxygen is constantly supplied from the surface.
  • A steady stream of air keeps the visor fog-free.


  • Specialized Shoes: Non-slip footwear designed for underwater walking.


  • Wet Suits: Provided to maintain body temperature in varying sea conditions.

Safety Equipment

  • Life Jackets: For additional safety, life jackets are often available onboard.
  • Signal Devices: In case of emergencies, you’ll have access to signal devices to alert the team above.

Remember, your comfort and safety are of utmost importance during an undersea walk. Skilled instructors will brief you on the use of all equipment before the dive, ensuring you’re well-acquainted with each piece of gear. The experience is a marvel of modern adventure tourism, allowing you to witness marine life in its natural habitat without the rigours of traditional scuba diving. Get ready to be surrounded by colourful fish and vivid coral formations while walking on the ocean floor as if you were on land!

Beyond Sea Walking

Have you ever wondered what adventures lie beyond the thrill of sea walking in Andaman? Let’s dive into the array of aquatic activities that promise to enrich your experience in these tropical islands.

Other Water Sports

  • Scuba Diving
    • Get up close with the vibrant marine life that dwells within the coral reefs.
    • Havelock Island, known for its clear waters, is a scuba diving hotspot.
    • No prior experience required: beginners can join guided dives.
    • Certified divers have access to advanced dive sites.
  • Snorkelling
    • A more accessible alternative for viewing undersea wonders.
    • Equipment: mask, snorkel, and fins are all you need.
    • North Bay Island and Elephant Beach are popular choices for their abundant coral and fish species.
    • Ideal for families and non-swimmers.
  • Kayaking
    • Explore mangroves and serene waters in a more personal, tranquil setting.
    • Mayurpur Beach and Baratang Island offer unique kayaking experiences.
    • Night kayaking is an option for the more adventurous.
  • Jet Skiing
    • Feel the rush of speed on the open water.
    • Available on most major beaches across Andaman.
  • Parasailing
    • soaring experience with breathtaking views of the coastline.
    • Combines water and air adventure as you get towed behind a boat while attached to a parachute.

Exploring Andaman Islands

  • The Rich Cultural Tapestry
    • Learn about the islands’ indigenous tribes and their history at local museums.
    • Visit Cellular Jail National Memorial in Port Blair for a glimpse into India’s colonial past.
  • Natural Wonders
    • Trek through the lush rainforests to discover hidden waterfalls.
    • Baratang Island’s limestone caves: a natural marvel formed over millions of years.
  • Beach Hopping
    • Radhanagar Beach – ranked among the best in Asia.
    • The less frequented beaches like Lalaji Bay Beach offer privacy and untouched beauty.
  • Island Excursions
    • Take a day trip to secluded islands like Jolly Buoy or Red Skin Island for serene beaches and snorkelling.

Remember, while sea walking in Andaman has its allure, stepping beyond can lead you to a treasure trove of adventure and discovery. Are you ready to create memories that will last a lifetime?

Conservation and Respect

When you’re exploring the underwater marvels of the Andaman Islands through sea walking, remember that the vibrant coral reefs and marine life are not just attractions; they are crucial ecosystems that deserve our respect and care.

Understanding the Ecosystem

  • Coral Reefs:
    • Nurseries for marine life
    • Barriers protecting coastlines from storms
    • Sensitive to environmental changes

Responsible Sea Walking

  • Do’s and Don’ts:
    • Do appreciate the beauty with your eyes
    • Don’t touch or stand on the coral reefs
    • Follow guidelines by experts for a safe experience

Impact on Marine Life

  • Marine Creatures:
    • Every organism plays a role
    • Avoid disturbing their natural habitat

Being a Part of Conservation

  • Your Contribution:
    • Choose responsible tour operators
    • Support local conservation efforts
    • Educate yourself and others on marine preservation

By engaging in sea walking in a responsible manner, you’re not only ensuring your safety but also that of the Andaman’s underwater treasures. Remember, the ocean doesn’t belong to us; we’re just visitors. Let’s make each visit count positively towards preserving this world for future generations to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before plunging into the underwater adventure that is sea walking in Andaman, it’s natural to have a few queries. This section is tailored to address those curiosities, providing you with specific prices, the best locations, age restrictions, and how to book this unique experience.

Can you tell me, what’s the cost of taking a stroll under the sea in Andaman?

  • Prices start roughly at ₹3500
  • Depends on the company offering the tour, duration, and any add-ons
  • Discounts may be available when booked as a package with other activities

I’m itching to know, which beach in Andaman tops the charts for underwater walking?

  • Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is known for its diverse collection of water sports and clear waters optimal for sea walking
  • North Bay Island also comes highly recommended with its flourishing coral reef and abundant marine wildlife

For those of us who can’t swim, is sea walking in Andaman still an option?

  • Absolutely; no swimming proficiency is required
  • Participants walk on the seabed with a helmet that allows normal breathing

Just how deep do you go when you’re sea walking in Andaman?

  • Generally, sea walks happen at a depth ranging from 6 to 7 metres
  • Depth can vary based on location and weather conditions

What’s the youngest age allowed for someone to embark on a sea walk in Andaman?

  • The activity is usually open to those aged 7 years and above
  • Some operators might have different age restrictions; always confirm before booking

Got any tips on where I can book my sea walking experience online in Andaman?

  • Research local tour operators, such as Eternal Andamans or Experience Andamans, which are known to offer sea walking tours
  • Booking can be completed on operators’ websites or via travel aggregators that offer experiences in the Andamans
  • Visitor reviews can guide you in choosing a reputable booking platform

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