Red Skin Island Guide: Discovering Its Hidden Gems and Rich History

Situated in the lush Marine National Park of Mahatma Gandhi, Red Skin Island stands as a vivid tableau of vibrant marine life and pristine natural beauty. Part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this small yet captivating destination draws visitors with its colourful coral reefs and the opportunity to delve into the underwater world. The island is a spectacle of India’s rich ecosystem, with many activities such as snorkelling and glass-bottom boat tours allowing travellers to witness the aquatic wonderland beneath its waves.

Access to Red Skin Island is as intriguing as the island itself, requiring a planned and regulated journey to ensure the conservation of its delicate environment. Once there, the island’s small beach bewitches visitors with its simplicity and the blend of adventure and tranquillity it offers. Whether you are drawn by the chance to swim among the corals or relax on the sun-kissed sands, the island provides an array of experiences that cater to the tastes of diverse travellers.

For those considering a trip to this Andaman gem, preparation is key. Travel essentials, safe practices, and respect for the island’s conservation efforts construct the foundation of a memorable visit. The combination of natural wonders, environmental significance, and recreational activities makes Red Skin Island not just a stop on an itinerary but a destination where memories are made.

Key Takeaways

  • Red Skin Island presents an array of underwater activities amidst its beautiful coral reefs.
  • Access to the island is regulated, emphasising conservation and ensuring a pristine environment for visitors.
  • A well-prepared itinerary that respects local guidelines enhances the overall visitor experience.

Getting There

To visit Red Skin Island, there are specific travel options to be considered to ensure a smooth journey. Whether by air or sea, organising your trip with an understanding of available transport services is essential.

Red Skin Island Beach

Accessing Red Skin Island

  • Red Skin Island, located within the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, can be reached only by sea.
  • Permits are required for entrance to the national park and can be obtained at the park gate or through tour operators.
    • It’s recommended to arrange these permits a day in advance to avoid delays.
  • Access to the island is subject to weather conditions and park regulations, which sometimes limit the number of visitors.

Transportation Options

  • From Port Blair Airport:
    • Upon arrival at Veer Savarkar International Airport, which serves Port Blair, tourists can choose between various modes of transportation to the gateway of Red Skin Island, Wandoor Jetty.
    • Options include buses, taxis, and even auto-rickshaws for the adventurous.
  • Boats and Ferries to Red Skin Island:
    • Various boat services are available from Wandoor Jetty to Red Skin Island.
    • Schedule: Boat departures are often limited to morning hours, commonly before 9 AM.
    • Travel Time: The duration of the boat ride to Red Skin Island is approximately 20 minutes.
    • Ticketing: Tickets for the boats can be secured along with permits or via local tour operators. Pre-booking is advised during peak tourist season.
      • It’s worth noting that there is an alternative attraction during certain times of the year: Jolly Buoy Island, often visited when Red Skin Island is closed for coral preservation efforts.
  • Land Transportation:
    • Buses from Port Blair STS bus station to Wandoor village are budget-friendly but may have inflexible timetables.
    • Taxis offer more flexibility and comfort for the 25 km journey from central Port Blair to Wandoor but come at a higher cost.
      • The trip typically takes around 45 minutes.
    • For a truly local experience, hiring an auto-rickshaw driver is also an option.
      • This journey provides an opportunity to engage with locals and gain insights into the region’s culture and practices.


Hey there! If you’re planning a trip to Red Skin Island, get ready for an extraordinary display of natural beauty and engaging activities that sparkle under the Andaman sun.

Unique Marine Ecosystem

  • Within the confines of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Red Skin Island is home to a delicate and diverse marine ecosystem.
    • Coral Reefs: Home to an array of vibrant coral reefs.
      • Encounter various forms of hard and soft corals.
      • Conservation efforts in place to protect this fragile environment.
    • Fishes and Aquatic Animals: A plethora of colourful fish and other sea creatures.
      • Spot parrotfish, clownfish, and even sea anemones while you’re here.

Activities and Adventure

  • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: Dive into the waters to explore underwater marvels.
    • Snorkel over shallow reefs to see corals and fishes up close.
    • Scuba dive for a more in-depth experience with expert guides.
  • Glass Bottom Boat Ride: Perfect for those who prefer to stay dry.
    • The boats provide a clear view of the underwater ecosystem.
    • A family-friendly activity that suits all age groups.
  • Water Sports: For the thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts.
    • Choices range from banana boat rides to jet skiing.
    • Certified instructors ensure safety and provide training.

Beaches and Relaxation

  • White Sandy Beaches: Pristine and perfect for a day of relaxation.
    • Sunbathe or simply enjoy the tranquillity of the untouched beaches.
    • Recognised for their cleanliness and the serene atmosphere they offer.
  • The Essence of Island Life: The beaches reflect a laid-back island vibe.
    • Ideal spots for picnics, reading a book, or taking that perfect holiday snap.
    • The ambient sounds of the waves create a natural melody for your relaxation soundtrack.

Travel Essentials

When planning your visit to Red Skin Island, there are a few crucial travel essentials to consider, ensuring that your trip is both enjoyable and hassle-free.

Important Permits and Documentation

  • Permits: Entry to Red Skin Island, part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, is regulated by the Forest Department. You’ll need an official permit, which can be obtained from the Forest Department office in Port Blair. Remember, no trip to the island is legal without it!
    • How to get the permit:
      • Visit the Forest Department’s office one day prior to your trip.
      • Carry valid photo ID proof, such as a passport or Aadhaar card, as they are required to issue the permit.

Best Time to Visit

Wandoor Beach
  • Seasonal Access: Red Skin Island is typically open to the public from June through November, complementing the schedule of Jolly Buoy Island, which closes during this period.
    • Weather Consideration: The island experiences tropical weather, with the period from May to October being particularly prone to monsoons. It’s essential to check the forecast and plan your visit when the weather is favourable for a day trip.

Facilities and Services

  • Amenities on the Island: Basic facilities like washrooms and changing rooms are available for your convenience. However, options are limited, so it’s a good idea to come prepared.
    • Food and Drink:
      • As traditional eating joints are not present on the island, visitors should bring their own food and water.
      • Keep in mind the ‘no plastic’ policy within the National Park to avoid fines and preserve the ecosystem. Use eco-friendly packaging for your snacks.
    • Visiting Hours: The timings for visitors are typically from morning until afternoon, facilitating day trips. Exact timings can vary, so check with local authorities in advance.

Remember, while your adventure awaits, a little prep goes a long way!

Conservation Efforts

Before diving into the specific conservation measures taking place on Red Skin Island, it’s crucial to understand the vital significance of these initiatives. They are designed not only to maintain the balance of the delicate ecosystems present but also to ensure that the beauty and diversity of the island’s marine life can be sustained for future generations to enjoy.

Corals at Red Skin

Protecting the Marine Park

  • Establishment: The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park was established to protect marine life including the coral reefs which are rich in biodiversity.
    • Includes Red Skin Island as a core area.
    • Encompasses 15 islands and aims to conserve the area’s natural marine resources.
    • Case Study: Successful forest department intervention to save the coral reefs after the 2015 coral bleaching event.
  • Fauna & Flora: Park’s efforts are centred around the conservation of the island’s diverse flora and fauna.
    • Numerous species of fish, marine mammals, and birds.
    • Example: Rare sightings of dugongs, known as “sea cows”, indicative of a healthy ecosystem.
  • Ongoing Conservation Work:
    • Renowned for initiatives such as the “Plastic Free Zone” to protect marine ecosystems from pollution.
    • During Covid, Increased patrols and monitoring to prevent illegal activities while tourism was halted.

Environmental Policies

  • ‘No Plastic Zone’ Rule: Enforced strictly on Red Skin Island.
    • Tourists must surrender plastic items at Wandoor Jetty.
    • Case Study: Data shows a reduction in plastic waste on the island and surrounding waters post-implementation.
  • Alternative Island Visitation: To relieve environmental pressure, the Forest Department regulates visitation to Red Skin Island and its counterpart Jolly Buoy Island.
    • Tourist Rotation: Only one island is open to tourists at a time.
    • Statistics: The rotation system has seen a decrease in coral damage incidents by tourists.
  • Strict Regulations: Implemented by the Forest Department ensure the preservation of the island’s pristine condition.
    • Regulated Snorkelling & Diving: To minimise damage to coral reefs.
    • Monitoring and Fines: For those who disobey conservation rules.

This focused approach to protecting Red Skin Island’s unique ecosystem ensures that when you visit, you’ll witness an unspoiled natural paradise that’s been meticulously preserved for both ecological integrity and your enjoyment.

Visitor Experience

When you visit Red Skin Island, the experiences shared by past guests and a few practical travel tips can make your journey more memorable. Below, you’ll find detailed feedback from visitors and advice to ensure you make the most out of your trip.

Glass Bottom boat ride Red Skin Island

Guest Reviews and Feedback

  • Jolly Buoy Island Comparison
    • Satyendra Garg on TripAdvisor noted that Red Skin Island is the counterpart of Jolly Buoy when it comes to marine life displays.
    • Glass Bottom Boats: Visitors often compare the glass bottom boat experiences at both islands, with many appreciating the preservation of marine life and the clearer waters at Red Skin.
  • Diving into Reviews
    • Reviews consistently mention the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life—a snorkeller’s paradise.
    • Authentic Feedback: Tourists have praised the efforts to maintain the natural beauty, with many detailed reviews elaborating on the colourful corals and aquatic biodiversity.

Tips for Travellers

  • General Tips
    • Best Time to Visit: It’s advisable to visit during the non-monsoon months when the sea is calm and visibility is high.
    • Location Information: Red Skin Island is part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park near Wandoor Beach on South Andaman Island.
  • Prepare Your Trip
    • Sun Protection: Don’t forget sunscreen and hats; the sun can be quite potent.
    • Conservation Efforts: Be mindful of the instructions provided to protect the environment as the island is a protected area.
    • Cash Over Cards: Ensure you carry cash as card facilities might not be available.

Remember, whether you’re reviewing feedback to set your expectations or seeking out travel tips to plan your trip, the aim is to help you step onto Red Skin Island feeling prepared and excited for the adventures that await.

Surrounding Areas

Nestled within the lush marine expanses of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Red Skin Island is not just a solitary marvel. It’s enveloped by a cluster of exquisite spots that together weave the vivid tapestry of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jolly Buoy Island: Just a stone’s throw away, offering clear blue waters and an impeccable view of the coral reefs. Visit between December and May, when Red Skin Island often closes for tourists.
    • Glass-bottom boat rides: A must-do to witness the vibrant underwater life without getting wet.
    • Snorkelling: Dive in for a closer look at the coral gardens.
  • Wandoor Beach: Located on the outskirts of Port Blair, it’s the gateway to the Marine National Park.
    • Ideal for a leisurely day out, with picnic spots and shallow waters perfect for wading.
    • Safety tip: Pay attention to warnings about marine creatures.

Exploring Andaman

  • Neil and Havelock: Famed for their white sandy beaches and clear waters with ample opportunities for scuba diving.
    • Radhanagar Beach: Often listed among Asia’s best beaches. Witness the sunset that will leave you in awe.
    • Elephant Beach: Known for water sports and snorkelling spots.
  • North & Middle Andaman District:
    • Diglipur: Explore the Saddle Peak, the highest point in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, or dip into the natural mud volcanoes.
    • Baratang Island: Famous for its limestone caves and mangrove creeks.
  • Lesser-known treasures: (Personal recommendations by Vivek)
    • Grub Island: A hidden gem, home to exotic marine life and a tranquil atmosphere.
    • Tar Mugli Island: Offers an undisturbed habitat for local flora and fauna, including turtles during nesting season.
    • Sadai Gopal: Explore the quaint village lifestyle and indulge in fresh seafood.

Travel Planning

When you’re setting out to explore the enticing Red Skin Island in the Andamans, organising your journey can make all the difference. From selecting the right tour package to knowing where to get trustworthy local advice, here’s how to ensure your trip is seamless and enjoyable.

Snorkelling In Red Skin Island

Tour Packages and Offers

  • Andaman Tour Packages:
    • If you’re considering various tour packages for your visit to Red Skin Island, it’s smart to start with offers tailored for newly-weds or group tours.
    • Directorate of Tourism, Andaman and recognised bodies such as the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) and the Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) can be indispensable resources for finding credible deals.
  • Travel Websites:
    • Utilise travel comparison websites to analyse different packages, making sure to check what’s included, such as sightseeing tours, snorkelling or scuba diving excursions, and any hidden fees.
    • Bookmark trusted websites like for region-specific information and booking assistance.

Local Support and Information

  • Getting There and Around:
    • It’s essential to arrange transportation to Wandoor Jetty, from where you can catch a boat to Red Skin Island. Local cabs can be scarce; pre-booking is recommended.
  • On-Island Support:
    • Once on the island, the availability of tour guides or local assistance may be limited, so confirm these details while booking your package.
    • For the latest insights and any real-time updates, you could contact the Andaman Tourism office or visit the official Andaman Tourism website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Red Skin Island beckons families, adventurers, and nature lovers with its unique attractions and untouched beauty. If you’re planning to visit, these frequently asked questions will provide you with essential insights for an unforgettable experience.

What unique experiences does Red Skin Island offer for family holidays?

  • Glass bottom boat rides allow a view of vivid marine life.
  • Safe, secluded beaches are perfect for quality family time and water activities.

Can you provide insight into the ferry services available to Red Skin Island?

  • Daily ferry services operate from Port Blair to the island.
  • Advance booking is recommended during peak tourist season.

Could you recommend some holiday packages, including a visit to Red Skin Island?

  • Packages often pair Red Skin with neighbouring attractions for a comprehensive experience.
  • Look for eco-tours that highlight sustainable practices and local conservation efforts.

How can visitors spend a perfect day touring Red Skin Island?

  • Begin with an early morning ferry to maximise your time on the island.
  • Engage in snorkelling, followed by a picnic lunch, and relax on the beach in the afternoon.

What key attractions make Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Island a must-visit?

  • Both islands are known for their crystal-clear waters and rich marine biodiversity.
  • Depending on the time of year, Jolly Buoy is often alternated with Red Skin Island to protect the coral reefs.

What should tourists know about Red Skin Island’s local community and population?

  • Red Skin Island is uninhabited, preserving its natural state.
  • The nearest local communities reside in other islands of the Andaman archipelago, where cultural sensitivity and respect for the environment are paramount.

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