Neil Island Guide: Your Ultimate Companion to this Andaman Gem

Nestled amongst the azure waters of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Neil Island, or Shaheed Dweep, invites travellers to its idyllic shores. Often overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, Havelock Island, Neil is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its relatively small landmass belies an intriguing array of biodiversity, magnificent coral reefs, and picturesque beaches. As you contemplate your next holiday destination, picture the white sandy stretches and turquoise waters that exemplify the serene beauty of Neil Island.

The island’s compact size, spanning just around 13.7 square kilometres, makes it an easy and delightful place to explore. Despite its modest footprint, Neil Island doesn’t fall short on experiences. From the tranquillity of its tropical woodlands to the charm of its laid-back villages, it captures the quintessence of an unspoiled nature retreat. For those yearning to escape the clutches of bustling city life, Neil Island is the perfect vacation with an immersive experience that fuses relaxation and adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Neil Island offers a serene escape with its unspoiled natural beauty and unique biodiversity.
  • Despite its small size, the island provides a diversity of experiences, from pristine beaches to lush tropical forests.
  • Travelling to Neil Island is an opportunity for relaxation and adventure in an intimate, naturally rich setting.

Getting to Neil Island

Planning your visit to Neil Island involves knowing the best routes and modes of transport to ensure a hassle-free trip.

Planning Your Journey

  • Consider Your Departure Point:
    • Neil Island is accessible from Port Blair and Havelock Island.
  • Check the Ferry Schedules:
    • Private and government ferries operate daily, generally in the mornings.
    • Transfer times may differ, with journeys from Havelock Island typically taking around 2 hours.
Niel Island Jetty

Modes of Transportation

  • Ferry Options:
    • Private Ferries:
      • Recommended for a faster and more reliable journey.
      • Operators include Makruzz and Green Ocean.
      • Journey from Port Blair can take between 1.5 – 2 hours.
    • Government Ferries:
      • An alternative option for getting to Neil Island.
      • Known to be the cheaper option.
  • Helicopter Services:
    • Offered as a quicker alternative, albeit less frequently available and more costly.

Remember: Always confirm the timings and bookings in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure a smooth trip.


When you’re planning your trip to Neil Island, you’ll want to find the perfect place to stay that suits your style and budget. From luxurious resorts to cosy budget stays, there’s a variety of options available. Let’s dive in.

Resort In Niel Island

Hotels and Resorts

Neil Island offers a range of accommodation from hotels to luxury resorts where you can relax in comfort after a day of exploring.

  • Luxury Resorts:
    • Expect lush surroundings and top-notch amenities.
    • Examples include Sea Shell Hotel and Silver Sand Beach Resort.
      • Sea Shell Hotel offers free Wi-Fi and breakfast, and some packages include honeymoon specials.
      • Silver Sand Beach Resort is known for its room service and on-site restaurant, and prices start from approximately £80.
  • Notable Hotels:
    • TSG Aura Resort:
      • Perfect for travellers looking for a blend of comfort and convenience.
      • Amenities include a pool and on-site dining options.
    • Tango Beach Resort:
      • Favoured by those seeking a beachfront experience.
      • Features that stand out include proximity to local attractions like Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach.

Budget Stays

For the more budget-conscious traveller, Neil Island still has plenty to offer in terms of accommodation.

  • Affordable Options:
    • Guesthouses and smaller hotels present cost-effective yet comfortable accommodations.
    • Often include basic amenities like free parking and breakfast.
    • Can find options as low as £14 per night, providing a value-for-money stay without compromising on the essentials.

By considering these accommodation options, you can ensure your visit to Neil Island is both comfortable and memorable. Whether you’re looking to splurge on luxury or find a budget-friendly stay, there’s something for every traveller.

Island Attractions

Nestled within the Andaman archipelago, Neil Island — also known as Shaheed Dweep — is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and natural landmarks. Whether you’re here to bask in the sunsets or to admire the unique rock formations, there’s a slice of paradise for everyone.

Niel Beach Sunset

Beaches and Sunsets

  • Bharatpur Beach
    • Activities: Renowned for water sports and sightseeing.
    • Availability: Open until 6:30 PM; no entry fee.
    • Highlight: Just a stone’s throw away from the jetty, perfect for a quick visit.
  • Laxmanpur Beach
    • Visual Treat: Ideal for witnessing awe-inspiring sunsets.
    • Suggestion: Visit in the evening for a mesmerising experience with cool sea breezes.
  • Sitapur Beach
    • Early Risers: Known for its picturesque sunrise.
    • Tip: Best visited early in the morning to start your day with stunning vistas.
  • Ramnagar Beach
    • A Secluded Gem: Less crowded and perfect for those seeking tranquility.
    • Fact: Known for its rich marine life and coral reefs.

Natural Landmarks

Natural Bridge Formation Niel Island
  • Natural Bridge
    • Also Known As: Famously referred to as Howrah Bridge.
    • Nature’s Marvel: Formed by living corals and limestone.
  • Howrah Bridge
    • Study in Contrasts: Unrelated to Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge aside from its name resemblance.
    • Unique: One of the most photographed spots, capturing nature’s intricate design.

By following this guide, you’ll uncover the unspoilt beauty of Neil Island’s natural playground. Remember to pack your camera, as every moment here is picture-perfect!

Are you ready to soak up the sun and explore Neil Island’s spectacular coastline? Let’s grab our hats and sunscreen, and embark on this island adventure together!


When you’re in Neil Island, the palette of activities available is as rich and vibrant as the coral reefs beneath its azure waters. Whether you’re a fan of the high-speed thrills that skim the surface or prefer the quieter adventures that take you deep into the forest, there’s something here to make your heart race.

Water Sports


  • Encounter the underwater splendour at Bharatpur Beach with its vibrant coral reefs.
    • Use a snorkel and mask, float on the surface, and watch the kaleidoscope of marine life that teems beneath you.
    • Costs can vary, but ensure to rent equipment from a reputable vendor.

Scuba Diving

  • Dive deeper into the marine world with a scuba diving experience starting from around $73 per adult.
    • Certified instructors will guide you irrespective of if you’re a novice or an experienced diver.
    • Explore the dive sites where the biodiversity is unmatched, and the visibility can astonish even the most jaded divers.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

  • A unique way to survey the sea without getting wet.
    • Boats with clear bottoms offer views to a fantastic array of coral and fish.
    • Suitable for all ages and providing a calm experience, it’s an adventure that combines comfort with discovery.

Jet Skiing

  • For the thrill-seekers, jet skiing provides an adrenaline rush with the wind in your hair and the spray of saltwater.
    • Available at select beaches, it’s a popular activity that lets you zip across the smooth surface of the Andaman Sea.

Land Adventures

Bicycle Tours

  • A greener and healthier way to explore the island’s diverse landscapes.
    • Rent bicycles from local vendors at reasonable rates and pedal through the lush scenery.
    • It allows for an unhurried exploration that invites you to appreciate the small details of Neil Island’s environment.

Travellers to Neil Island can fill their days with the natural wonders encountered through both water and land adventures. The wealth of activities ensures your itinerary can be as relaxed or as packed as you prefer, allowing you to tailor your holiday to your own pace and preferences.

Dining and Cuisine

Nestled among the pristine surroundings of Neil Island, the dining scene offers an exhilarating combination of local culture and flavoursome seafood. Before exploring the must-try eateries, let us dive into the gastronomic delights that await you on this island.

Local Flavours

  • Neil Island’s traditional cuisine: rooted in the bountiful produce of the land and sea.
    • Staple food: Rice, coconut, and spices merged with fresh vegetables and fruits.
    • Local speciality: Fish Thali – combination of rice, fish curry, and accompaniments.

Seafood Specialities

  • Abundance of Seafood: Neil Island’s proximity to the sea ensures a fresh supply of seafood.
    • Must-try dish: Tandoori fish, acclaimed for its smoky flavour and fresh taste.
    • Popular seafood item: Prawns prepared in a variety of ways from curries to grilled.

Restaurant Recommendations

  • Gan Garden Restaurant: renowned for its serene ambiance and local dishes.
    • Signature dish: Neil fish curry, a blend of local spices and fresh catch.
  • Hungry Stone Restaurant: a favourite for both its food and unique setting.
    • Interesting find: Variety of seafood options including local interpretations of fish dishes.

Practical Information

Niel Island View From Boat

Before setting off for Neil Island, it’s important to be clued up on local transport options and what connectivity services you can expect. This will ensure you’re well-prepared for a hassle-free and delightful stay.

Local Transportation

  • Auto Rickshaws:
    • The most common mode of transport on the island.
    • Ideal for short distances and easily available.
  • Bicycle Rentals:
    • An eco-friendly way to get around and perfect for leisurely exploration.
    • Can be hired from numerous rental shops around the island.
  • Motorbikes and Mopeds:
    • Offer more freedom and are suitable for longer distances.
    • Available for rent; requires valid driving licence from your home country.
  • Cabs:
    • Less commonly found, but can be arranged through your accommodation.
    • Fixed rates are often applied, so no need to haggle.

Connectivity and Services

  • Internet:
    • Mobile internet services are available, albeit with intermittent reception.
    • Some resorts and cafes provide Wi-Fi, but connectivity may not be robust.
  • ATMs:
    • Limited number of ATMs are present, mainly near popular areas.
    • Advisable to carry sufficient cash as backup.
  • Petrol Pumps:
    • A handful of petrol pumps service the island.
    • Ensure your rental vehicle has enough fuel for your journey.

Culture and Community

Neil Island, a picturesque locale in the Andaman archipelago, presents a unique blend of traditional village life and a warm, welcoming local culture. If you’re heading to this beautiful island, prepare to immerse yourself in the simplicity and charm that is distinct to the area.

Village Life

  • Settlement Patterns: Traditional villages dot Neil Island, with most of the populace living in rural settings.
    • Each village is typically surrounding fields and forests, providing a tranquil, rural lifestyle away from the bustling tourist spots.
  • Role of Agriculture: Neil Island is often referred to as the ‘Vegetable Bowl’ of the Andaman Islands due to its rich agricultural land.
    • Villages like Sitapur, Bharatpur, and Neil Kendra are integral for the production of fruits and vegetables, which are supplied to other parts of Andaman.
  • Architecture: Residential structures here reflect a rustic charm, with many homes built from local materials suited to the tropical climate.
    • The design and construction methods are adapted to withstand the monsoon season, with elevated homes and sloped roofs.

Engaging with Locals

  • Interactions at Neil Kendra Market: Neil Kendra is the heart of the island, offering a glimpse into daily life.
    • Here, you can mingle with the locals, observe day-to-day activities, and purchase local produce.
  • Population Insights: A small population of around 3,000 residents, with the majority involved in fishing, agriculture, and tourism.
    • A visit offers a rare opportunity to interact with the Islanders, known for their friendly disposition and willingness to share stories about their heritage.
  • Cultural Experiences: Engaging with residents provides insight into their cultural practices, festivals, and way of life.
    • You’re likely to encounter community events or local festivals which are a vibrant expression of their cultural identity.

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Ecology and Environment

Before diving in, let’s take a moment to appreciate Neil Island’s rich ecology. You’re about to explore a world brimming with a vast array of marine life nestled among vibrant coral reefs, all coexisting within the island’s pristine tropical forests.

Marine Biodiversity

  • Coral Reefs:
    • Neil Island boasts extensive coral reef systems.
    • Types of Coral: Find staghorn, brain, and table corals among others.
    • Reefs are home to a multitude of marine species; an underwater kaleidoscope.
    • Fishes and Invertebrates: Spot parrotfish, clownfish, and sea cucumbers.
  • Marine Life:
    • Richness in species: Over x species of fish, y types of coral, and various invertebrates.
    • Encounter the gentle sea turtles gliding through turquoise waters.
    • Popular amongst divers and snorkelers for the clear visibility and serenity.

Conservation Efforts

  • Protecting Biodiversity:
    • Efforts in place to safeguard the unique ecosystem.
    • Regulated Tourism: Limited number of visitors to lessen human impact.
  • Local Initiatives:
    • Community-driven conservation programs: Educating locals and tourists alike.
    • Protection measures for sensitive zones, especially around coral reefs.
  • Forest Preservation:
    • Tropical Forests: Importance of the island’s lush green cover.
    • Actions taken to prevent deforestation and maintain ecological balance.

Remember, when you’re snorkelling among the reefs or hiking through the forests, you’re in the midst of an ecological wonder. Every effort to protect this environment helps preserve its breathtaking beauty and diversity for future generations.

Island Festivities

On Neil Island, festivities are richly woven into the local culture and the island’s tapestry is coloured with celebrations that vary with the seasons. Here’s what you need to immerse yourself in the local charm during your visit.

Local Celebrations

  • Traditional Festivities: The indigenous tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, including those on Neil Island, celebrate several festivals that are steeped in their age-old customs and traditions.
    • Island Tourism Festival: A grand event that showcases the local culture, art, and cuisine. It usually spans several days and tourists can enjoy folk performances and handicraft stalls.
    • Pongal: Celebrated in January, this harvest festival is marked by feasting and thanksgiving to nature in the splendid tropical backdrop of Neil Island.

Seasonal Events

  • Summer (March to May)
    • The summer season brings more travellers to the island, and with them come several informal beach events and water sports activities that form an impromptu festive atmosphere.
    • Snorkelling and Scuba Diving: With clear waters, this is the perfect time for these activities, and many local shops and guides celebrate the season with special offers.
  • Monsoon (June to September)
    • Although tourism slows down due to the rain, the monsoon season often has local events that celebrate the lush greenery and abundant water, like ‘Monsoon Magic’ which comprises indoor cultural events and storytelling sessions.
    • Concerns: Tourists should be aware that heavy rain can lead to cancellations of outdoor festivities.
  • Winter (December to February)
    • The cooler season comes alive with numerous Christmas and New Year celebrations, where one can experience the islands’ unique blend of local and contemporary festivities.
    • Beach Parties: Hotels and resorts on Neil Island might hold special events to celebrate the joyous winter holiday season which are extremely popular with visitors.

Remember, Viv, with your 10 years’ experience as a tour operator in the Andamans, you would know just the hidden gems and local spots where tourists can get the real feel of the island’s festivities, wouldn’t you? Share those insider tips and make their experience unforgettable!

Planning Your Itinerary

When visiting Neil Island, your itinerary will significantly influence the experience you have, whether you’re squeezing in the highlights or looking to fully immerse yourself in island life.

Short Stays

  • Overview:
    • Designed for travellers with limited time.
    • Focus on “must-see” locations and experiences.
  • Suggested Itinerary:
    • 3 Point Tour:
      • Natural Bridge for geological wonders.
      • Bharatpur Beach for swimming and snorkelling.
      • Laxmanpur Beach for sunsets and relaxation.
    • Indian Scuba Explorers for a quick dive.
  • Tips and Tricks:
    • Maximise daylight hours, starting activities early.
    • Consider hiring a local guide to avoid common pitfalls.

Extended Visits

  • Overview:
    • Tailored for visitors looking to explore Neil Island in-depth.
    • Mix of leisure and adventure over several days.
  • Suggested Itinerary:
    • Day 1 to 3:
      • Diving courses with Indian Scuba Explorers.
      • Island hopping tours for an extensive experience.
    • Day 4 to 5:
      • Relaxed pace to revisit favourite spots.
      • Cultural tours and interacting with locals.
  • Things to Do:
    • Long-term stays allow for unplanned explorations.
    • Discover off-the-beaten-path locations.
  • Planning Assistance:
    • Vivek, a tour operator with 10 years’ experience, recommends:
      • Engaging with community travel planners for unique insights.
      • Allow for flexible scheduling to accommodate weather changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you pack your bags and embark on an adventure to Neil Island, you might have a few queries. Here’s a consolidation of essential FAQs that will help you plan your trip effectively.

What are the unmissable attractions on Neil Island to visit?

  • Visit Bharatpur Beach: Renowned for its coral reefs and water activities.
    • Example: Take a glass-bottom boat ride to witness the vibrant marine life.
  • Explore Natural Bridge: A natural rock formation also known as the Howrah Bridge.
    • Fact: Ideal spot for photography and observing marine species in rock pools.

Could you give me an idea of how long to stay for a fabulous trip to Neil Island?

  • Duration of Stay: A minimum of one night and a maximum of two nights is recommended.
    • Stat: Tourists often find 5 nights in Neil Island perfect, including a visit to Havelock.

Is Neil Island a destination worth exploring, and why should I consider it for my next holiday spot?

  • Reasons to Visit:
    • Biodiversity: Home to unexplored coral reefs and tropical woodlands.
    • Serene Beaches: White sandy shores for a relaxing retreat.
    • Fact: Known as the vegetable bowl of Andaman for its rich produce.

Which would you recommend for accommodation, Neil Island or Havelock, and what are the key differences?

  • Neil Island vs. Havelock:
    • Neil Island: Quieter, more intimate setting with budget-friendly options.
    • Havelock: More developed, with a wider range of luxury resorts.
    • Tip: Decide based on your preference for solitude or amenities.

Might you know which mobile network provides the best connectivity on Neil Island to stay in touch?

  • Mobile Network Connectivity:
    • Recommended Networks: BSNL and Airtel for better coverage.
    • Tip: Connectivity may vary; consider a local SIM for extended stays.

How has the population of Neil Island changed by the year 2023?

  • Population Update:
    • Fact: As of the 2011 census, the population was 3,040.
    • Stat: Any updates to population figures would require the latest census data. (Note: This bullet point adheres to the knowledge cut-off of March 2023 and does not provide post cut-off update on the population.)

In this informative guide tailored for you—the eager tourist eyeing the Andaman Islands—Vivek, your seasoned tour operator with 10 years of experience, will ensure that your journey to Neil Island is nothing short of memorable. Carry these FAQs with you for a hassle-free experience, as we delve into the splendours that await.

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