Makruzz ferry : Online Booking , Timings and Details

Makruzz ferry is a high-speed  catamaran type ferry operating from Port Blair to havelock island and neil island . The speed and comfort of the ferry makes it an ideal choice for transportation between the islands.

Makruzz is privately owned and is operated very professionally at international standards. Makkruzz was the first company to launch a high-speed ferry between port Blair and havelock back in 2012. Since then they now have a fleet of 3 ferries and operate daily twice to havelock and connect the Neil islands to havelock and port Blair.

Tropical Andaman Tours is a registered booking agent of makruzz and we provide advance online booking for makruzz in Port Blair to havelock , havelock to Neil island, and Neil Island to Port Blair sectors.

Key Features of makruzz

  1. Makkruzz Passenger capacity of 280 in 3 diffent classes
  2. Makruzz ferry is fully airconditioned
  3. Onboard cafeteria and snacks
  4. 20 Hd Tv screens to keep you entertained during your journey
  5. Glass windows for an unobstructed view of the ocean
  6. The makruzz ferry Cruises at about 35 Knots and covers the distance to havelock in 90 mins
  7. Latest Navigation technology and instrumentation
  8. State of the art fire protection system
  9. Safety equipment and life jackets for all
  10. Cctv surveillance of all deck and engine areas of the ferry

Makruzz ferry Timings and cost from Port Blair to havelcok

Departure TimeArrival TimeDuration
06:30 AM (All Days)08:00 AM90 mins
08:00 AM (All Days)09:30 AM90 mins
10:30 AM (All Days)13:00 PM90 mins
02:00 PM (All Days)03:30 PM90 mins
ClassAdult costChild cost (infant)
PremiumRs 1450/-Rs 30/-
DeluxeRs 1940/-Rs 30/-
RoyalRs 3170/-Rs 30/-


Makruzz Timings and cost from Havelcok to Port Blair 

Departure TimeArrival TimeDuration
08:30 AM (All Days)10:00 AM90 mins
04:00 PM (All Days)05:30 PM90 mins
02:45 PM (All Days)04:15 PM90 mins
ClassAdult costChild cost (infant)
PremiumRs 1470/-Rs 30/-
DeluxeRs 1970/-Rs 30/-
RoyalRs 3170/-Rs 30/-


Makruzz Timings and cost from Neil to Port Blair 

Departure TimeArrival TimeDuration
11:30 AM (All Days)02:40 PM70 mins
03:30 PM (All Days)04:40 AM70 mins
ClassAdult costChild cost (infant)
PremiumRs 1350/-Rs 30/-
DeluxeRs 1640/-Rs 30/-
RoyalRs 2940/-Rs 30/-


Makruzz Timings and cost from Havelock to Neil Island 

Departure TimeArrival TimeDuration
10:00 AM (All Days)11:10 AM70 mins
12:30 PM (All Days)01:40 AM70 mins
ClassAdult costChild cost (infant)
PremiumRs 1250/-Rs 30/-
DeluxeRs 1540/-Rs 30/-
RoyalRs 2570/-Rs 30/-


What are the diffrent classes of tickets on Makruzz?

Makruzz inside premium class

Makruzz ferry has a total capacity of 280 passengers.The passengers seats are located on two decks. The seats on makruzz are split into 3 categories depending on the level of comfort and facilities.Premium class : 208 seatsDeluxe class : 64 seatsRoyal Class : 8 seats

Premium class is in the lower floor of the ferry while the deluxe and royal classes are situated in the upper floor.

The major difference between the classes is the view. The upper deck has a better view of the sea . Although it is worth mentioning that some seats in the premium class also have a good seaview.

All the three classes on Makruzz ferry are airconditioned and all classes have the option of snacks and refreshments which can be purchased at extra cost.

Royal class only has 8 seats it is like a private cabin with hot meals served to the guests.

More information about makruzz ferry

In case you have a fear of traveling by boat and are wondering about the safety of the boat, we are going to present you with some background information about the ferry to put your fears to rest.

The boat is a Catamaran Passenger Ferry, so it is meant to carry people from one place to another. The catamaran is unique from other boats because it offers different characteristics that not all ferries possess. For example, the ferry contains a twin-hull vessel, offering advantages such as bigger spacing opportunities, better stability for the passengers as they travel through the waters, and higher speed to reach destinations faster.

While each section of the ship is monitored through the Bridge, that doesn’t mean the guests can still have fun. Televisions are located all around the ship, while the indoor Kiosk is available for all age groups and can cater to any wants or needs you may have. There are also extremely cool, and not mention huge, tinted dark glass windows running along the entire ship’s lower and upper decks to give the guests their very own personalize panoramic view of their surroundings.

Safety Information

Makruzz is a very safe mode of transport and we can assure you from our experience that makruzz follows the highest stands of safety.

Makruzz has yearly saftey audits and maintains its ferry in excellent condition. If you are travelling on makruzz please keep the following points in mind for your own saftey:Participate in the watching of the safety demonstration video prior to departureAll areas on ships, including toilets, have smoke detectors (no smoking is allowed on the ship)Do not go into the open area and remain within the deckBe careful about hazards and objects on the ship deck specially if you are travelling with children.The ship is set to handle any form of emergency and has appropriate equipment on boardAll the seats and equipment of the ship are fire-resistant

Terms and Conditions

While the Makruzz does offer a good time to all of their guests, there are certain rules that everybody has to follow to gain entrance to the ferry and to maintain a great trip:

Makruzz gold in andaman

All guests should be prepared to show an ID card before boarding the ferry during check-inAll passengers need to report to the ferry at least one hour before departureThe check-in area closes 15 minutes before the ferry is set to departPassengers must be aboard the ship ten minutes prior to the departure timeNames are not allowed to be corrected once the ticket is purchases (make sure it is the right name before purchasing!)Children above the age of 2 are required to have their own ticketsRupees 105 needed for infants (ages 7 days to 2 years)

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