Andaman Tour Package from Kolkata by Air: Effortless Island Escape Guide!

Embarking on a journey from the bustling city of Kolkata to the serene shores of the Andaman Islands by air is a popular choice for travellers seeking an island escape. The exotic Andaman archipelago, known for its pristine beaches, rich marine life, and an array of water sports, has become increasingly accessible thanks to multiple flight options offering convenience and attractive deals. Tour packages from Kolkata to Andaman cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring a customised vacation experience that can include everything from airfare to accommodations and activities.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, an adventurous solo excursion, or a leisurely family holiday, the Andaman Islands offer a diverse itinerary. Accommodation choices range from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly hotels, all offering a taste of the island’s unique culture and cuisine. The clear, turquoise waters surrounding the islands are perfect for diving, snorkelling, and exploring the vibrant underwater world. With the ease of travel arrangements provided by comprehensive tour packages, your dream Andaman holiday is only a flight away from Kolkata.

Key Takeaways

  • Direct flights from Kolkata to Andaman make the islands easily accessible for travellers.
  • Andaman tour packages often include airfare, accommodation, and activities.
  • Andaman is ideal for various holiday types, from romantic trips to adventurous excursions.

Exploring the Beauty of Andaman

Andaman is a breathtaking archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, renowned for its pristine beaches and vibrant marine life. A tour package from Kolkata by air provides quick and convenient access to this tropical paradise.

The Enchanting Beaches of Andaman

  • Radhanagar Beach
    • Awarded as “Asia’s Best Beach” by Time Magazine
    • Flawless white sand coupled with clear, turquoise water
    • Ideal for swimming and sunset watching
  • Other Notable Beaches
    • Elephant Beach known for water sports
    • Vijaynagar Beach, a serene spot perfect for relaxation
    • The beaches of Neil Island, less crowded and equally mesmerising

The Rich Marine Life and Coral Reefs

  • Diversity Under the Waves
    • Home to more than 560 species of corals
    • The coral reefs support a multitude of colourful fish, sea turtles, and other marine creatures
  • Best Spots for Marine Exploration
    • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
    • Sites around Havelock Island (now Swaraj Dweep) great for snorkelling and scuba diving
  • Conservation Efforts
    • Sustainable tourism practices to protect the reefs
    • Guides often educate tourists on maintaining the natural beauty during visits

How to Get There: Kolkata to Andaman by Air

Ready to spread your wings and soar to the Andaman Islands? Let’s make sure you get there without a hitch!

Choosing the Right Airport

When you’re embarking on your air travel from Kolkata to the Andamans, your journey typically begins at the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) in Kolkata. It’s the nearest major airport connecting you directly with the Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, the gateway to the Andaman Islands.

  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) is well-equipped to cater to travellers with various amenities for a comfortable pre-flight experience.
  • Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, also known as Port Blair Airport, is the principal airport in the Andaman Islands.

Airlines Flying to Andaman

Several reputable airlines can take you from Kolkata to the breathtakingly beautiful Andaman Islands. Here’s a breakdown of the choices available:

  • Air India: Known for its legacy, Air India offers reliable services that cover the 1304-kilometre aerial distance from Kolkata to Port Blair.
  • SpiceJet: If you’re looking for an option that blends cost-efficiency with comfort, SpiceJet is a popular choice among travellers to the Andamans.
  • IndiGo: For those who prioritise punctuality and wallet-friendly fares, IndiGo is another airline that frequents this route.

Each of these airlines offers various schedules and price points, allowing you to choose what works best for your itinerary and budget.

Accommodation and Dining

When planning your Andaman tour package from Kolkata by air, knowing where you’ll stay and what you’ll eat is as crucial as the flights. Let’s take a look at the hospitality and gastronomy waiting for you upon arrival.

Staying in Andaman: Hotels and Resorts

  • Selecting the right accommodation:
    • Considerations for comfort and convenience:
      • Proximity to beaches and local attractions.
      • Availability of amenities such as spas, pools, and wellness centres.
    • Types of hotels and resorts:
      • Beachfront resorts for panoramic sea views.
      • Eco-friendly lodgings for a sustainable stay.
  • Purpose of travel:
    • Family-friendly resorts with activities for children.
    • Private villas for romantic getaways or honeymoons.
  • Pricing variations:
    • Budget hotels for cost-effective stays.
    • Luxury accommodations for a lavish experience.
  • Case study:
    • A 3-star hotel included in a package could provide a balance of comfort and value.

Savouring Local Flavours: Andaman Cuisine

  • Culinary journey through Andaman:
    • Local dishes to try:
      • Seafood delicacies freshly caught from the Bay of Bengal.
      • Traditional curries flavoured with coconut and island spices.
    • Dining experiences:*
      • Beachside shacks for casual lunches.
      • Fine-dining restaurants for elegant evenings.
  • Meal plans:
    • Hotels offering bed and breakfast deals.
    • Resorts with all-inclusive options for hassle-free dining.
  • Famous restaurants and eateries:
    • Case studies of highly-rated dining establishments.
  • Dietary preferences:
    • Availability of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu options.

By focusing on these essentials, your Andaman experience can be as delightful to the palate as it is to the senses. With this guide, you’re set to enjoy the stunning accommodations and delicious dining options that Andaman has to offer.

Adventures in Andaman: Water Sports and Activities

The Andaman Islands are a treasure trove for water sports enthusiasts. From the thrilling scuba diving to serene sea walks, there’s an adventure waiting for you beneath the waves.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Paradises

  • Havelock Island: known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, making it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkelling.
    • Elephant Beach: features colourful coral reefs teeming with fish.
    • Statistics: Visibility can exceed 20 metres on a clear day, allowing for an exceptional underwater experience.
  • Neil Island: A quieter dive site with plenty of marine diversity.
    • How-to Tutorial: Beginners can take introductory dives; PADI certification courses available.
  • Equipment Rental: It’s common to find complete gear sets including oxygen cylinders, flippers, and wetsuits.
  • Safety Precautions: Insist on guides who provide a safety briefing before diving in.

Exciting Sea Walks and Kayaking

  • North Bay Island: Renowned for its sea walk experience where you can stroll on the sea bed surrounded by fish.
    • Guided Tours: Accredited professionals lead sea walks, ensuring safety throughout the adventure.
  • Kayaking:
    • Mangrove Kayaking: Absorb the serene beauty of Andaman’s mangrove forests through guided kayaking tours.
    • Night Kayaking: Bioluminescence tours are offered by some operators for a surreal experience amidst glowing waters.
  • Safety Tips: Always listen to local guides and follow the safety protocols during kayaking and sea walks.

When considering an Andaman tour package from Kolkata by air, ensure that these water sports and activities are included in your trip. Safe travels and prepare to make a splash on your Andaman adventure!

The Best Time to Visit

When planning your Andaman holiday package from Kolkata by air, picking the perfect time to travel is crucial to experience the islands at their finest. Let’s break down the weather patterns and tourist seasons to guarantee your getaway is nothing short of spectacular.

Weather and Climate Considerations

The Andaman Islands enjoy a tropical climate, which generally means warm weather, with temperatures rarely straying from 23°C to 31°C. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Summer (April-June): Warm with the mercury hovering around 30°C; great for water activities.
  • Monsoon (July-September): Characterised by heavy rainfall, which can affect travel plans and outdoor activities.
  • Winter (October to March): Pleasant weather with less humidity and cooler nights; considered the best time to visit due to the ideal conditions for sightseeing and beach activities.

During May, the islands move towards a wetter season; however early May still offers a good window for travel with less chance of rainfall.

Peak Season and Off-Season Variances

Understanding when the islands are busiest, and when they’re not, can make a big difference in your travel experience. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Peak Season (December to February):
    • Perfect weather conditions attract the most tourists.
    • Airfares and accommodation can be at a premium.
    • Important to book your “Andaman tour package from Kolkata by air” well in advance.
  • Off-Peak Season (June to September):
    • Fewer tourists due to the monsoon season.
    • Lower prices and more bargaining power on accommodation and flights.
    • The natural beauty of the islands can be enjoyed in solitude, but there is a higher risk of travel disruptions due to the weather.

Unmissable Andaman Destinations

If you’re considering an Andaman tour package from Kolkata by air, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime. The Andaman Islands, brimming with magnificent beaches and historic sites, offer something unique for every traveller.

Port Blair: A Glimpse into History

  • Cellular Jail National Memorial
    • A colonial prison used by the British to exile Indian freedom fighters.
    • Timings: Typically open from 09:00 to 12:30 and then from 13:30 to 17:00.
    • Light and Sound Show: A moving experience that brings the saga of the heroic freedom struggle alive.
    • Must-see: The eternal flame of the Swatantrya Jyot erected in memory of all freedom fighters and martyrs.
  • Ross Island
    • Once the administrative headquarters of the British, now lies in picturesque ruins.
    • Accessible via a short boat ride from Port Blair.
    • Observe the remnants of colonial buildings like the Chief Commissioner’s House and the Presbyterian Church.

Havelock Island: A Tropical Getaway

  • Radhanagar Beach
    • Awarded ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ by Time Magazine in 2004.
    • Crystal clear waters and pristine sands make this beach perfect for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Elephant Beach
    • Known for its coral views and water sports activities.
    • Ideal for snorkelling; the vibrant coral reefs are just metres away from the shore.
    • Water Sports: Offerings include snorkelling, sea-walking, jet-skiing, and more.

When you bundle the rich history of Port Blair with the untamed natural beauty of Havelock Island in your itinerary, your Andaman tour from Kolkata by air isn’t just a holiday; it’s an exploration of India’s most pristine offerings.

Planning Your Andaman Itinerary

Embarking on a journey to the Andaman Islands is exciting, but getting the details right is crucial for a memorable experience. Especially when flying from Kolkata, you should plan judiciously considering travel expenses and must-see attractions.

Creating a Budget-Friendly Tour Package

  • Compare Flight Costs: Prices can vary based on the season. Checking multiple airlines for deals can save costs.
    • Example: IndiGo and SpiceJet often run offers from Kolkata to Port Blair.
  • Consider Package Deals: Many travel agencies offer all-inclusive deals which could prove to be economical.
    • Stats: An average budget-friendly package may cost around ₹15,000 per person excluding flights.
  • Stay Options: Balance comfort with cost; consider guesthouses, B&Bs, or mid-range hotels.
    • Case Study: Tourists have saved up to 25% by opting for local homestays.
  • Travel Off-season: Touring between May and September can be less expensive due to off-peak rates.
  • Local Transport: Utilise shared services like ferries and buses for island-hopping.
    • Cost-saving tip: Renting a two-wheeler is an economical and flexible option.

Inclusions and Sightseeing Tours

  • Itinerary Highlights: Identify the key places you want to visit such as Cellular Jail, Havelock Island, and Radhanagar Beach.
    • Day 1: Arrival in Port Blair, light sightseeing, overnight stay.
    • Day 2: Trip to Havelock Island, visit Radhanagar Beach.
  • Activities: Include snorkelling, scuba diving, and glass-bottom boat trips costs in the package.
    • Snorkelling cost: Approximately ₹500 to ₹1,000 per person.
  • Meal Plans: Choose a tour package with at least one meal inclusive to keep expenses in check.
  • Booking in Advance: To ensure a seamless trip, book activities and entry tickets beforehand.
    • Example: Book snorkelling sessions with verified operators for safety and better rates.
  • Emergency Resources: Know in advance the location of medical facilities and contact numbers.

Cultural Insights and Festivals

Embarking on an Andaman tour package from Kolkata by air offers you not just a scenic escape but immersion into a vibrant cultural tapestry, marked by colourful festivals and rich indigenous heritage.

Celebrating Andaman’s Local Festivities

  • Island Tourism Festival: A 10-day extravaganza, typically in January, showcasing music, dance, and exhibitions of arts and crafts—don’t miss this cultural showcase!
    • Freedom Struggle Tribute: This festival often also pays homage to the freedom struggle with events at the historic Cellular Jail.
  • Monsoon Festival: Celebrate with the locals as they usher in the monsoon with music and cultural performances; it’s a good time to see Andaman in a different hue.
  • Film Festival: If you’re visiting during a film festival, you’ll enjoy screenings that often reflect Andaman’s cultural and historical narratives.
    • Engage with screenings that amplify the voices and stories of the Andaman Islands.

Andaman’s Indigenous Tribes and Heritage

  • The Great Andamanese, Onge, Jarwa, and Sentinalese: Learn about the ancient tribal communities that have called these islands home for thousands of years.
    • Cultural Heritage: Embark on guided tours to understand their traditions, but be respectful of the strict laws protecting their way of life.
  • Tribal Festivals: While access to tribal festivals is restricted, knowing about them enriches your understanding of the island’s deep-rooted customs.
    • Tribal Crafts: Look out for craft exhibitions where you might spot the intricate work of local artisans.

By understanding Andaman’s festive heart and the lifestyle of its native people, you gain a deeper appreciation for the islands beyond their pristine beaches and clear waters. Enjoy the celebrations and learn from a heritage that continues to thrive in the midst of the Bay of Bengal.

Essential Travel Tips and Information

Before you embark on your Andaman tour package from Kolkata by air, there are some important travel tips and information that you’ll need to bear in mind to ensure a smooth journey and an enjoyable stay.

Visa Requirements and Entry Procedures

  • Tourists from Kolkata: No visa required for Indian nationals. A valid photo ID is necessary upon arrival.
  • Foreign Nationals: Must obtain an Indian visa before arrival, along with a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) for Andaman, which can typically be easily obtained on arrival at Port Blair by air.
  • Visa on Arrival: Available for tourists from select countries at major airports in India but does not substitute for the RAP for visiting Andaman.

Getting Around in Andaman: Transport Options

  • By Air: The main point of entry by air is Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, well-connected with flights from Kolkata.
  • Ferries and Ships:
    • Regular Passenger Ship Services: Operate from Kolkata to Port Blair; however, travel time can be around 50-60 hours.
    • Inter-Island Ferries: After arrival in Andaman, ferries are the most common transport for island hopping, including government and private options.
  • Local Transport:
    • Cabs: Available for hire in Port Blair and Havelock Island.
    • Auto-rickshaws: More economic options for short distances within the islands.
    • Rental Scooters/Bikes: A popular choice for tourists who prefer self-driven exploration.
    • Cruises: Offer luxury travel between islands but at a higher cost.

Whether you opt for ferries, cabs, or cruises, ensure to book your inter-island transfers well in advance to avoid any last-minute inconveniences.

Concluding Thoughts

After journeying through the options for Andaman tour packages from Kolkata by air, it’s evident that the natural splendour of Andaman beckons. A flight from Kolkata unlocks the archipelago’s treasures efficiently, offering an enchanting escape.

Capturing Andaman’s Natural Wonders

  • Cellular Jail: A poignant historical site that stands as a testament to freedom fighters.
    • Visiting hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with light and sound shows in the evening.
  • Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island: Crowned Asia’s Best Beach by Time Magazine.
    • Ideal for sunset views and beach relaxation.
  • Elephant Beach, Havelock Island: Popular for water sports like snorkelling.
    • The coral reef here is vibrant and well preserved.
  • Ross Island: A quick boat ride away from Port Blair, steeped in history and nature.
    • Explore the ruins of British-era buildings, now overtaken by peacocks and deer.
  • Natural Beauty: Lush mangroves, pristine beaches, and clear waters.
    • Can be enjoyed through activities like scuba diving and glass-bottom boat rides.
    • A hit with nature lovers thanks to its rich biodiversity both on land and underwater.
  • Andaman Honeymoon Packages: Offering romantic escapades in serene settings.
    • Packages often include candlelight dinners, decorated beds, and private cruises.
  • Outdoor Activities: Trekking, island camping, and exploring the limestone caves.
    • Guides can be hired for rainforest treks or you can join a group tour.
  • Destination and Vacation Experience: Your vacation in Andaman, travelling from Kolkata by air, is both convenient and unforgettable.
    • Flights typically last about 2 hours, making it an accessible destination for a weekend getaway or a longer holiday.
    • Include case studies and stories from tourists who have experienced the beauty of Andaman first-hand.
    • Emphasise on the unique blend of relaxation and adventure found in Andaman.

Using a warm and conversational tone, the information distilled here ensures you’re well-versed with the Andaman’s hypnotic natural attractions. This slice of paradise, complete with water activities and leisurely beach time, tailors to the needs of tourists, from the adventurous to honeymooners seeking tranquillity. Couple this with the ease of a flight from Kolkata, and it’s clear why Andaman stands out as a beloved destination for a diverse range of visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to flying from Kolkata to the serene Andaman Islands, a bevy of questions surges up. Let’s dissect the commonly asked curiosities to assure your forthcoming adventure is as smooth as turquoise Andaman waters.

What are the typical components of an Andaman tour itinerary for travellers originating from Kolkata?

  • Flights: Direct air travel from Kolkata to Port Blair, which is the pivotal leap to the Andaman Islands.
  • Accommodation: Options ranging from budget stays to luxury resorts.
  • Transport: On-ground transfer services, including cabs and coaches.
  • Sightseeing: Visits to key attractions such as Cellular Jail, Havelock Island, Radhanagar Beach, and Ross and Smith Islands.
  • Activities: Water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling; treks through lush forested trails.
  • Meals: Typically breakfast and dinner; exclusive restaurants for other meals.
  • Guides: English-speaking guides for explanatory tours.

How does the cost of flight tickets from Kolkata to Andaman fluctuate and what can we expect to pay on average?

  • Time Frame: Peak tourist season from November to mid-May sees higher fares.
  • Average Costs: Prices can range from INR 5,000 to 15,000 one-way depending on timing and advanced booking.
  • Early Booking Benefit: Cheaper rates if flights are booked 2-3 months in advance.

What options does IRCTC offer for Andaman tour packages, and how do they cater to travellers from Kolkata?

  • Package Varieties: IRCTC curates multiple tour bundles that include flights, accommodations, and guided sightseeing.
  • Customisation: They offer tailor-made experiences based on the traveller’s preference.
  • Services: Travel assistance, meal plans, and local transfers are typically managed by IRCTC for a seam-free journey.

Could you tell me about the most family-friendly Andaman tour packages available from Kolkata?

  • Inclusion: Fun-filled itineraries designed with child-friendly activities and safety.
  • Resorts and Hotels: Family suites and kid-friendly facilities.
  • Safety: Emphasis on safety during water activities, with the provision of life jackets and professional instructors.

What are the romantic getaway options for couples seeking an Andaman tour package from Kolkata?

  • Honeymoon Specials: Exclusive packages for couples including candlelight dinners, beachside resorts, and spa treatments.
  • Privacy: Secluded accommodations and private tours for uninterrupted bonding.
  • Adventures for Two: Partner-based activities like tandem scuba diving or glass-bottom boat rides.

Is a passport necessary for Indian nationals flying to Andaman from Kolkata, and what are the travel requirements?

  • Passport Not Required: Indian citizens do not need a passport for entry into Andaman.
  • Identity Proof: A government-issued photo ID is mandatory for flight travel and hotel check-in.
  • Permits: Certain protected areas in Andaman may require permits; these are usually arranged by the tour operator.

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